3 Ways to Paint Mirror Frame | Full-Length Mirror Makeover

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Hi Hometalk! I hope you are all well! Do you have a plan to paint a framed mirror? If so, this short and easy makeover is for you! I will be sharing my favorite tools and tips on how to paint a mirror frame!

As we all know, mirrors are a great addition to any place in your home. It does make the room larger and it helps make the room bright. as it reflects light. So, instead of buying one, you can restyle your old or existing mirror to match any decor or design you like. And the easiest way to transform your mirror is to paint its mirror frame.

I've experienced painting kinds of framed mirrors throughout the years. I can say is that what makes it a little difficult are the mirrors themselves. Today's fun, here's is the full-length swivel dressing mirror I makeover with.

Let's begin! The first way to paint your framed mirror and probably the most common one is to use painter's tape! Mask off the mirrors and cut the edges to remove the excess part and it's ready to paint!

The second way is to remove the mirror. It has a few shares of pros and cons. If you successfully removed the mirror, you can go crazy on painting it, the cons are that some mirrors are hard to remove depending on how they are assembled and that may lead to breaking the mirror.

Some mirrors are usually glued and to remove them easily, you can use a heat gun to soften the glue. Start at the edges and work your way to the middle and then carefully remove the mirror. Once you finished, you can now paint the frame. To put back the mirror, you can use epoxy glue.

If you are not feeling to remove the mirror or use painter's tape. You can paint the frame directly.

And for the third tip. For me using a razor scraper is the best option. This is the most convenient to use and a huge time saver. Paint the frame and just scraped the overlapping paints on the mirror. Caution: razor scrapers are really sharp so use them with care.

Here's the final look! Isn't the dark navy color bringing a mysterious elegance? And plus the molding definitely adds a new character! I hope it inspired you and give you ideas on how to paint your framed mirrors. Happy Painting Hometalk Friends!

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Suggested materials:
  • Dark Navy Chalk Mineral Paint
  • Full Length Swivel Mirror
  • Painter's Tape
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