Fall Crafts: How to Make a Beautiful Cloth Pumpkin and Plunger Tree

Autumn is upon us, and it's time to get your creative juices flowing with some fabulous fall crafts. Whether you're itching to make an enchanting cloth pumpkin or a whimsical fall tree craft, I've got the creative inspiration you need.

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Tools and Materials:

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Step-by-step fall tree craft tutorial

How To Create a Plunger Tree:

Dollar store plunger tree craft tutorial

1. Gather Your Supplies

Begin by visiting your local dollar store and grab a plunger. It's the base of our captivating fall tree craft idea.

Applying hot glue to the plunger for the fall tree craft

2. Glue the Leaves

Apply a small dab of hot glue to the top of the plunger handle.

Attaching leaves to the plunger for the fall tree craft

Stick a batch of leaves onto the hot glue, and repeat on the opposite side.

Fall tree craft

Continue this process, gluing leaves as you move around the plunger, creating the foliage density you desire.

Seasonal DIY

3. Secure with Duct Tape

To reinforce the leaves, use strips of white duct tape.

Securing leaves with white duct tape

Wrap the tape down the entire length of the plunger, ensuring the leaves stay in place.

Shaping the leaves on the plunger into a tree shape

4. Shape Your Tree

Bend the leaves down and out creating the shape of a tree.

DIY faux bark effect

5. Add Bark Detail

Take your Apple Barrel Multi-Service Black Paint and dip a paintbrush into it.

Adding bark detail with black paint for the fall tree craft

Gently tap the paint onto the white tape, giving it a textured bark appearance.

Craft supplies from the dollar store

6. Assemble Your Display

Grab a pizza pan.

Homemade fall decor on a budget

Place the plunger onto a pizza pan.

Fall foliage decoration

Wrap both the pan and the plunger base with fabric, and add some faux leaves to conceal the base.

Fall foliage decoration

Your stunning fall tree craft is now ready to grace your home with autumn charm.

DIY pumpkin decor

How To Create a Cloth Pumpkin:

Creative pumpkin decor

1. Prepare Your Pumpkin

Start with a foam pumpkin and remove the stem.

Inexpensive autumn crafts

2. Wrap with Cloth

Take a piece of scrap fabric and lay it on a table.

Fabric being wrapped around the foam pumpkin

Begin stuffing it in a circular fashion around the foam pumpkin, ensuring the foam is completely enclosed.

DIY pumpkin decor

Hot glue the cloth closed.

Reattach the stem to the wrapped pumpkin

3. Replace the Stem

Once the fabric is securely wrapped, place the stem back on top using hot glue.

Stick faux leaves on top of the pumpkin

4. Optional Leaves

If you want to add an extra touch of fall, consider including some leaves around the pumpkin.

Dollar Tree fall craft ideas

5. Add Vine Effect

Enhance the pumpkin's appearance by attaching a piece of twine to the stem, giving it a charming vine-like effect.

Creative DIY foam pumpkin decoration

Fall Craft: Handcrafted Fall Tree and Pumpkin Ideas

As you put the finishing touches on your fall crafts, remember that the beauty of these projects lies not only in their end result but in the joy of creating them.

Homemade fall tree decorations

I invite you to continue crafting and decorating your space with the warmth and charm of autumn.

Please share your gorgeous creations and ideas in the comments below!

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