How do I get one of those amazing stencil’s?

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  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jul 05, 2020

    Hi Sherry

    You must be talking about a post you saw and we have no info on the projects, etc. go back to the post and ask the question there and you will get an answer from the person who posted it. you could also google the type of stencil that you want and see if that helps you out

  • It sounds like you're asking about a specific project, Sherry. If you go to that project and ask your question there, you should get an answer. Otherwise, there are lots of great stencils at Cutting Edge Stencils and Amazon.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Jul 05, 2020

    Sherry: stencils of what?

  • Em Em on Jul 05, 2020

    Amazon has tons of stencils for sale.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jul 05, 2020

    Hi Sherry, you can pick up stencils at any craft store on online from Amazon or Ebay,

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 05, 2020

    I was surprised by the huge amount of stencils that amazon carries. All types and all sizes and found sound that are absolutely beautiful. Read customer reviews to see how the stencil worked out for a real customer before buying.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 05, 2020

    Hello Sherry,

    Do look up the project you saw on Projects - top of Home page of Hometalk.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jul 05, 2020

    This is a general Q&A posting area, possibly the person who's project you're asking about would likely be unaware of your question about their project post. To get an answer about a specific post, ask the question directly below the project that will likely get you a reply from the Hometalk poster.

    If you ever want to go back to see a particular project, just click on the little blue house at the top of this page, left-hand corner. If you can't find a particular project, you can use the search bar. Also, please consider checking out "Explore Projects" for even more additional ideas.

    Hope this helps.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 05, 2020

    I have used stencils from Cutting Edge. I was very happy with the results. They have a lot to choose from. You can also buy stencils at Wal Mart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. Good luck Sherry.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 05, 2020

    Hi! The easy answer is I don't know. But, never one for the easy answer, what I suggest is that you need to go back to the original post to ask your question. The search box at the top of the page will help if you didn't save it. All posts are set up with their own question section and comment section. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jul 06, 2020

    I buy Plaid stencils and you can find them at craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

  • Maura White Maura White on Jul 07, 2020

    Can you give more details on what kind of stencil you are looking for? What is the shape of it?

  • Homeroad Homeroad on Jul 09, 2020

    Amazon sells stencils but I also use stencils from Old Sign Stencils... they are great!

  • Unexpected Elegance Unexpected Elegance on Jul 10, 2020

    There are so many places to buy them now, but if you search Etsy there's a large variety.