What can I make with this wallpaper smoothing dry rotted brush?


Okay fellow Hometalkers, here is a tough one. While working in my hubby’s work shop yesterday on an antique table that needed some sanding dust brushed off, I spied this wooden handled brush. The bristles were much longer when I saw it, but on picking it up, the bristles crumbled all over the shop floor. The bristles had dry rotted! This meant I couldn’t use it on my table. 🤬. So being the anything wooden collector that I am, I brought it into the house so I could figure out what I could make with it. I think it was, in its original life, a wallpaper smoothing brush. But not sure. So put on those thinking caps and give me some ideas. AND DON’T say to toss it. My husband was quick on the draw to give me that unsolicited piece of advice. I have tried to pull the leftover bristles out of the holes but that is definitely not going too well. Think I’m going to have to drill them out. 🤪. Your ideas will be appreciated and NO I’m not nuts! There has to be something creative that it can be used for.

q what can i make with this wallpaper smoothing dry rotted brush
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