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Your home is a space to truly express who you are. Whether you are a weekend thrifter who fills their home with unique finds or you want to recreate a beautiful room from the pages of a magazine, your home should be representative of your personality and a reflection of your personal style, be it modern, traditional or boho chic.

Room Decor (pixabay)

Thanks to sites like this one, a lot of home and room decor ideas can be made yourself and we have 15 fun and awesome decorating ideas to get your DIY wheels spinning. From dollar store popsicle sticks made into wall shelves to yarn monograms to plywood shiplap walls, there are so many ways to bring a room to life that won’t break the bank!

Prepare to get your Weekend Warrior on with these fun and awesome room decor ideas. Many of these ideas can be done in an afternoon and will definitely make you love your home again. And isn’t that every DIY-ers goal?

Living Room Decor

The last thing the family’s favorite room should be is boring. This is a space that should be inviting and warm. You want it to be the room where everyone wants to gather and cozy up together. Whether it’s a complete remodel or a few small tweaks, there are plenty of ways this room can be spiced up.

Adding warmth to their otherwise blank slate living room, Feathering My Nest blogger Lacey calls adding DIY shiplap to her living room decor as the “one of the easiest projects on our list”!

She has high-quality 3mm maple veneer plywood cut into 5” x 8’ strips at her local home hardware store. And one board after another, Lacey and her husband quickly nail them into the wall studs throughout the wall. Her fun DIY trick for even spacers between the boards? Nickels. Yep, 5¢. 

Living Room Decor Ideas (Feathering My Nest)

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This living room shiplap wall was given a coat of DIY whitewash paint, using a mixture of gray and white paints together for a warm, cottage feel.

Living Room Decorating Ideas (Feathering My Nest)

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What if your living room has an architectural feature that must remain (or, you know, the room may tumble) but you are just so tired of looking at it? Well, that was the situation Lynda was in when she got bored with the support beam across her living room.

In love with French Country room decor, Lynda uses two shades of brown paint to make this rather dull support beam mimic something found in a rustic chateau. Her trick? Use a faux wood grain paint roller.

Dining Room Decor (Lynda @ Gates of Crystal)

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Affordable Living Room Decorating Ideas

Large scale living room projects may be beyond where your life is right now but every room needs a few awesome decorations, don’t you think?

Whether you’re a newbie DIY-er or you just want to impress your crafty friends, adding a few unique items to your living room decor can be easily and cheaply accomplished ...especially when the supplies are from the dollar store!

KellyDIY uses one large bag of flat popsicle sticks to create three handmade DIY room decor items. From this single bag, she makes a shadow box, cutting up popsicle sticks in a pattern she likes and sized to fit the glass from a 5x7” frame (also from the dollar store). These sticks are then glued together to form a box with a glass front. KellyDIY now uses this DIY shadow box to hold favorite movie ticket stubs!

DIY Room Decor (KellyDIY)

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Have too many small, loose items cluttering up a room? Contain them all in a pretty box that is both useful and serves as a DIY room decor piece. From that same bag of popsicle sticks, KellyDIY uses them to craft a small storage crate for nail polish and other small items.

Room Decor Ideas (KellyDIY)

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Who says large wall art must be expensive? Not when you can easily make a statement piece from a handful of dollar store supplies. And that’s exactly what Janel thinks when she crafts a starburst wall mirror for her living room. She uses a small round mirror and adheres wooden BBQ skewers onto its back. A light coat of white paint over those natural shish-ka-bob holders makes for cheap room decor!

DIY Dino Magnets & Starburst Decor (Janel)

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A beautiful room is an uncluttered room. And the easiest way to get that tidy space is with storage buckets ...to hide all that clutter! Wanda Craft stumbles across a variety of tin buckets at her dollar store. She remembers something she has seen in the pages of a Pottery Barn magazine and realizes she can create the same look but for a lot less.

Wanda uses white spray paint to cover the buckets and once dry, she simply applies a large vinyl number to each. These would look so great on a living room bookshelf to hold TV remotes or as kids room decor to contain toy cars or plastic figurines.

Cute Room Decor (Wanda Craft)

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Remember that bag of popsicle sticks? KellyDIY also uses them to make a series of small hexagon wall shelves. She patiently glues popsicle sticks together to form a hexagon shape, repeating the layers of sticks until she gets a shelf depth she likes. She then uses wood stain to create stunning geometric shelves that no one would ever suspect came from a $1 bag of kids crafting popsicle sticks!

Dollar Store DIY Room Decor (KellyDIY)

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How to Decorate Your Room with Thrifted Finds

For some, the thrill of the hunt is just as much fun as the decorating is for others. Nothing quite beats an early morning at the flea market, a stop at a weekend estate sale or just a random stroll through a second-hand shop.

For Kitchen Kelli, it was a season of yard sale hopping that leads to her purchase of a variety of film-only cameras. Too broken or scratched to be of any use, Kitchen Kelli cleans these old beauties with soap, water, and a toothbrush and once dry, she gives them several coats of fun spray paint colors. These yard sale cameras look great on a bookshelf, now holding an e-Reader and no books, for conversation-starting DIY room decor.

Fresh Room Decor Ideas (Kitchen Kelli)

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Nothing can replace the charm of a handmade piece. Maura White was on a seasonal decor hunt when she stumbles across a wooden CD holder at the thrift store. At a cost of $0.75, it was too good to walk away from! She uses white foam board, faux Spanish moss, and some distressed wood letters to create a thrifty seasonal living room decorating idea that looks great on her mantel for the autumn season.

How to Decorate a Living Room (Maura White)

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Dining Room Decor Ideas

How ‘bout an entire room decorated with thrift store finds and repurposed goodies? Kimberly Noelle not only has redone much of her dining room with budget finds but in the process she starts a new room decor style she calls “Prairie Boho”.

From a repurposed ironing board turned side table to a velvet orange chair from a charity thrift store, and all the thrifted knick knacks in between, Kimberly can successfully claim the title of budget room decor queen!

Dining Room Decor (Kimberly Noelle)

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Dining rooms come in all shapes and design styles. While the way we dine has changed over the years, the dining room is still the room we tend to gather for those special and memorable meals.

For Designing on the Side blogger, she incorporates lots of patterns and textures into her dining room decor. She completes her designer makeover by painting her red dining chairs a coat of crisp black paint to play off all the light blue accents she brings into the space. High end inspiration, for sure!

Dining Room Makeover Reveal (Designing on the Side)

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How to Decorate Your Powder Room

Christene from the site Keys to Inspiration advises you make a design plan when decorating your room. A design plan, or vision board, helps you figure out what pieces you want in the room before you go out and buy everything. Prior to any room makeover, the first step is to have a plan!

And that’s exactly what Christene does when she redoes her boring and basic “builder-grade” powder room. She starts by adding 5” wide plywood shiplap to all the walls and moves on to adding wood trim around the otherwise small, trimless window. Christene calls the window “modern craftsman”.

Thanks to the design plan she makes at the onset of this makeover, shopping for powder room decor was easy and budget-friendly!

Bathroom Decor (Christene)

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Some powder room decor ideas can be as simple as taping painters tape onto the wall. Me, Myself and DIY recreates tall birch-like trees on the high walls in her powder room. From plain white walls to purple painted trees, room decorating can take many forms!

DIY Bathroom Decor (Me, Myself and DIY)

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Kids Room Decor Ideas

Creative and cool, kids room decor may have you wanting to go back to childhood or in the very least, redo your own bedroom! Fortunately, there are cool accents, wall decals even antiques that can bring whimsy to your child’s room. It certainly does not have to be all themed Barbie or superhero! Give the kids room a foundation for which to build on as they grow and their interests change.

Royal Design Studio transforms a kiddos bedroom into something magical by using sophisticated wall stencils. She chooses stencil designs with trendy color schemes that can work today as well as years from now. Give an accent wall in your child’s room, whether it’s their bedroom, playroom or their bathroom, a stunning yet totally kid-friendly design.

Kids Room Decor (Royal Design Studio)

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Everyone loves the sound of their own name and kids are no exception! Personalize their space with large and colorful name letters that can affordably made with dollar store supplies.

California Hometalker Snehal uses a sheet of foam board and cuts out large alphabet letters. She then wraps each letter in an assortment of coordinating yarn colors for a trendy ombre effect and adds a few felt flower accents. Large letters or monogram initials are an easy and affordable way to decorate a child’s room.

Baby Room Decor (Snehal)

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The Sweetest Digs blogger has the goal to create mountain-inspired kids room decor not only on a super tight budget but in the last few weeks remaining in her pregnancy.

She creates the iconic baby crib mobile with a bag of large faux goose feathers and two wooden dowels. She strings up each feather individually, alternating their lengths to give her baby boy something colorful and interesting to gaze at. And it only cost her pennies!

DIY Baby Room Decor (The Sweetest Digs)

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DIY Room Decor Ideas to Try Today

You deserve a space to love! And often times, the easiest and most affordable way to get that awesome room is to create it yourself. Between coupons for craft stores, thrift store finds and repurposing items you may already have around your home, you can make that wow-worthy inspiring room or innovative room decor item to impress even your craftiest friends.

Having a tiny budget can still afford you stylish room decor. You can reuse old lumber to make an accent wall or shop the aisles of the dollar store for DIY wall art. Your home should be far from boring and beige when you can get the home of your Pinterest dreams with a few DIY skills and crafty tricks.

For even more ideas on DIY room decor ideas and other great DIY home projects, be sure to check out Hometalk today!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Victoria | Dazzle While Frazzled

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