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I love making bookmarks for friends and family and was thinking of a unique but easy design I could make and I came across some dried flowers on Amazon and decided I could have a play with them in resin to make beautiful bookmarks. I hope people like my project and have ago at making them, them selves.


”Turn dried flowers into a beautiful bookmark!”

I brought these dried flowers from Amazon, they were a good price for the amount you got in the pack.

Firstly, I chose to use this simple silicon bookmark mould. I got this from Ebay. There’s loads selling at different prices. I gave my mould a wipe with a baby wipe to make sure the mould was free from any dust.

Next I got out my resin & hardener. This resin is from Amazon. It’s a two part 1:1 ratio and it’s really easy to use.

I measured out 10ml of each to make 20ml all together. I gave the mixture a mix using a popsicle stick.

Next, I slowly poured my resin into the bookmark mould until it was full. Resin can come out quickly so always pour slowly.

To put my dried flowers into the resin I used some old tweezers to carefully place them in.

When I was happy with how I had arranged my flowers I left the resin to set for 24 hours till it was hard.


Lastly, I added a bookmark tassel, I got a bundle in different colours from eBay. This completed my bookmark perfectly. I love how delicate the dried flowers look in the bookmark and I think they could be the perfect gift for book lovers.

I’m always updating my Etsy stop with new items each day so please have a browse. At the minute I’m giving everyone a free gift with every order!

Suggested materials:

  • Resin & Hardener   (Amazon)
  • Dried Flowers   (Amazon)
  • Bookmark Mould   (Ebay)

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