Car Trunk Flower Dryer

3 Materials
3 Days
Some years ago I gave my daughter in law some rose bushes. Wow the roses on these bushes smell great so this time of year, I started drying the flowers for her and my self.
I got a large window screen at the thrift store. I cut down a water noodle and split one side open so it would slide on the edge of the screen
If you don't have an extra screen you could you a thing like this ,you get them at the BBQ supply section of the store ,like Walmart .They come in a 2 pack Depending on your supply of flower petals you have to dry, and the room you have in the trunk of your car. Don't laugh I said trunk of your car. That is my drying space this time of year. When the temps are in the mid 80 or over it works great I have dry roses in three days.
These are other thing that could be used to dry the flowers. I use the water noodle pieces on the edge of the screen ,but a rolled towel, water bottle .What ever you have to keep your drying rack up so air will move around it . Will work .
Split water noodle to go on the edge of the screen or rack If you don't have these use what ever you have to prop up your rack.
This picture is of the little BBQ rack covered with roses, spread them out, don't over fill. The water noodles hold the rack up and keep it from sliding around in the trunk. Oh you must have space in the trunk for this.
I have switched to the big screen in this picture .also this is a picture of the flowers after one day in the car trunk. OH by the way the car smell so great.
Three days of drying and this is what I am left with. At the start of this project this was all covered with the roses . You can use other flowers. We just have these great roses and they smell so good
Suggested materials:
  • Window screen   (had it)
  • Water noodle   (had it)
  • Or other rackto dry flowers.   (had it)
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