DIY Bottles Pencil Holder

2 Materials
6 Hours
These DIY Painted Bottles turned out even better than I expected.
So bright and colorful and all while recycling those empty bottles just lying about in the house.
I did a recent post of DIY Bottle Makeover ideas where I up cycled bottles and they turned out really cute as well, if you want you guys can check that out as well.
SUPPLIESEmpty BottlesPaintAnd a little Imagination ;)
The amount of pasta bottles that we go through in our household is just way too much and I can’t seem to ever throw those bottles away.And I was at a point where my stash of empty bottles was going out of hands and it was time to use them and get creative.Hence I ended up with these pretty Bottles as Pencil Holders.
The colors I chose were a Light Purple and a beautiful shade of green.I used an Enamel finish so that when the paint dries, it has this glossy finish.The fun and non messy part of this project is that all the painting will be done from the inside.Yay for no mess!
Start by adding a little amount of paint directly inside of the bottle and then slowly start swirling it around and make it all the way to the top.
I did the same with the Green bottle and then turned them upside down on a piece of styrofoam or cardboard piece so that the excess paint could all just drip down.Let it completely dry, my bottles took about 5 hours to dry out.
Added some extra decoration on top of these even though they looked beautiful without it.I glued on these colorful sticker flowers that I bought from Michaels a while ago.
And there you have it guys!
What do you think?
Suggested materials:
  • Empty Bottles   (Enamel Paint)
  • Flower Stickers   (Cardboard Piece)
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