No Headboard? No Problem. Make One for $30 (or Less)!

Stagers with low inventory: If you come across a room that really needs a headboard and your client doesn't have anything suitable - don't stress. Just make a quick trip to your go-to home improvement and fabric stores... have a headboard in less than an hour!
Note: There are other options to create a finished look for a bed (adding artwork and tall pillows, etc.). If you are looking for something you can use again, this is a great option. It also helps diversity the look of your before and after pictures.
Quick tufted headboard on a budget!
Boards were the most expensive thing on the supply list. Connect them with mending plates (use a mallet).
Lay our your batting and place your board on top. Make sure to leave 2" minimum to wrap and staple. To ensure it doesn't move, stand/kneel on it while stapling.
After carefully measuring for the placement of your tufts, mark the spot, and staple in an X shape on each mark.

TIP: You can use stick pins as markers. This will also give you a good depth visual before stapling.
This step is optional. Attach an additional layer to give a matte fabric some sheen and character.
Finally, place a small amount of hot glue into the tuft and place you button (or designer jeweled sticker) on the glue, applying gentle pressure so the glue does not spread.
This is near the finished product. Lesson: Make sure to double check your contractor's cut (free at Home Depot) to ensure they actually cut it to your specifications. This headboard was cut too tall and was lowered about 8 inches and wall art was added to complete the look.
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