DIY - How to Recycle Bottles to Beautiful Flower Vases!

All the steps to transforming old bottles and jars and up-cycling them to make gorgeous flower vases!
Have you ever taken the time to really look at how beautiful some bottles and jars are...especially Passata jars, coffee jars and wine bottles. This may seem a little weird, but they really are gorgeous shapes and it seems like such a waste to simply throw them in the recycling bin. They should be displayed and used (...remember I am on the path of being a little more thrifty....without being too hippy ;-))
Standing at the sink and washing the dishes including the bottles and jars for the recycling bin, gave me a great idea, to not just dispose of the old glass bottles or jars, but to put them to good use and recycle the bottles to beautiful flower vases.

So with a few easy steps (actually really easy) I transformed (and was thrifty...) - recycled bottles to beautiful flower vases!

Step 1 included removing the labels from the jars and I do that by simply soaking them in soapy water, till the labels start to peel off.

TIP - To remove that sticky muck that is left behind from removing the paper labels from jars.... simply mix equal parts of oil and bicarb of soda, mixed into a paste and smooth it onto the jars. Then let it sit for a while and then it washes off really easily!
Step 2 involved using some old wrapping paper and painter's tape and preparing the bottles ready to be spray painted. This DIY didn't cost me anything...that is a bonus! I had all the materials needed to make these gorgeous vases just sitting in my garage.

But the bottles and jars needed a little extra personalise them and add a bit of character. Click across to Sparkles In The Everyday to find out how to add words and motifs to the bottles and jars.....
For the full tutorial, tips and lots more, pop over to Sparkles In The Everyday! :-)
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Feb 28, 2017
    Was taught to rinse out my empty vegetable cans or tuna cans before tossing in the trash and to push the metal lids to the bottom of the cans so the men picking up trash wouldnt cut their hands. Paint cannot be put in trash in liquid form. Have to let remaining paint dry up and harden before putting in trash. Any harsh cemical items can be taken to a designated place for disposal. My city is currantly working on a plan to have recycle containers at our homes.

  • Marva Marva on May 03, 2020

    We have recycled for many years.Glass cardboard, plastics,newspapers and magazines.

    I will definitely be trying some of the projects I've seen here.

    Thank you all so very much!!!