Doodle Leaves

2 Materials
1 Hour
A super simple and fun craft for a rainy afternoon. I was walking my little Jack Russell Kermit the dog in the park the other day and thought surely I can do something fun with all these beautiful leaves. I took some home, washed them (it is a dog park after all) and started doodling on them.
Ones you have collected your leaves rinse them under the tap and carefully pat dry with kitchen paper. When the leaves are completely dry you can get artistic!
This is a very simple project, just get you black sharpie out and start doodling. You can follow the shape of the leaf or draw something in the middle, you can even hand letter on your favourite words.
Once the leaves are all done hang them on the wall with some washi tape or make a big garland by wrapping a piece of twine around the stems.
This is a great project for your little ones, first off all you get them outside looking for beautiful leaves and then they can get al creatives decorating the leaves with just a sharpie. See if you can make enough to make a whole garland of leaves, it would look stunning!
Suggested materials:
  • Leaves
  • Sharpie
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