Flea Market Light Fixture for My Deck

Our big project for the summer is to re build our deck and add a pergola roof. A few months before we started the project, my husband and I were walking around a flea market and I found myself looking at light fixtures. I got to thinking it would be nice to hand a light from the pergola roof. I found this sad little fixture and first thought that I could place mason jars over the bulbs (been seeing people doing that all over the internet), but Mike picked up a glass insulator and asked why not use them instead. I liked the idea, especially since I have a ton of those insulators laying around the house. My next decision was paint color. Decided on a hammered brown spray paint....and then I found green glitter spray paint. I painted the little flowers metallic purple. A good layer of clear coat, and my "new" light fixture was done.
Before. Kinda ugly, but I had a vision....
This helped, but not done yet...
These two came next. The glitter spray was kinda messy. Glitter flew everywhere. I tried to just aim for the leaves, but gave up...there was no way. The leaves however have the heaviest coat of glitter. I then took a small craft paint brush and painted the flowers purple.
..And then it looked like this.
And now as of yesterday....wired, hung, and lit. I have little LED C7 size bulbs in it (only place I have found those bulbs is at Mendards). It is not overly bright, but gives a nice amount of accent lighting.
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