When Life Hands You Lemons

why you make lemonade!! Or a tea party theme mosiac.
My brother whom I love was kind enough to send me some teapots and teacups from across the country for an Alice in Wonderland party. The box arrived and sadly over half were broken. Life had handed me some lemons but today lemonade. I took all the broken parts and broke them some more.
This is my first mosiac and I decided it would have a tea theme. lol

I found some adhesive for tile and glass and glued down a pattern that I kept changing until I found this one. I had glued it onto a 2x4 piece of plywood. Then I grouted it and sealed it.
As soon as I build a frame for it I will mount it outside and plant some mint in the teapots. I also love that now I have some amazing patterns forever without worrying about them breaking. Even after using the broken cups I still need more so I used some broken mirror and dollar store glass thingys.
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