How to Dye Self Striping Yarn (without Special Tools!)

A Tutorial
Have you ever tried to dye self striping yarn? Ever notice that you need complicated (and expensive) tools like a warping board used with a loom? Well, I figured out a way to do it very inexpensively and without special tools. All you need is some over the door hangers! So, let me show you how to dye self striping yarn.
See full step by step instructions at FiberArtsy (link below)
What exactly is Self Striping Yarn?

The definition according to is “Self striping yarn is a type of variegated yarn which has two or more colors. Often there are long lengths of each color before the color changes to the next. When you crochet or knit with self-striping yarn, the yarn will typically create a striped project on its own without the crafter having to do any color changes.”

I would also add that the color patterns repeat continuously and predictably throughout the knit or crochet project.

Why is Self Striping Yarn so different to dye?

The main difference is the need for long color runs. The average adult knitted sock takes approximately 15 – 20″ of yarn per row. So, say want 4 rows of midnight blue, you need to dye about 60″ (5 feet) of the yarn midnight blue. As you can see, if you plan to use multiple colors, your yarn skein has to be very long.
Supplies needed:

– Yarn – protein fiber s.a. sheep wool or alpaca fiber

– Over-the-door Hooks (4) – (check the dollar store)

– Acid Dyes (For protein fiber yarn)

– Sponge Brushes

– A Door

– Plastic cover for your table

– Scrap yarn

– Pots and Pans for dyeing

– Vinegar

– Plastic wrap (optional)

– Stove or Hot Plate
Attach the hooks onto the door, two at the top corners, and two at the bottom corners.
Paint or Dye the yarn according to the directions at my site (link below)
Set the dye
Voila! Self Striping Yarn perfect for knitting socks or gloves. If my yarn had been fingering weight instead of DK, I would have more rows per color but I’m very happy with the way the stripes turned out. Now, I just have to start knitting some socks!



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