Hanging Baskets for a Dolls House

by Sharon
I love my granddaughter's dolls house, and I thought the porch area needed cheering up. So as I already had lots of tiny paper flowers, I thought I'd have a go at making hanging baskets myself...
Easy to make, costs hardly anything -
Take a small cap from a container, I used a deodorant lid. Make 3 small holes equally round the top of the lid.
Thread thin silver wire through the holes and twist. Bring these together to make a loop at the top. You could use and old chain necklace to be really authentic.
Like this...
Spread glue over the bottom of the lid and start to wrap string around the base. Continue this up the sides of the lid until it is all covered with string and glued in place.
Pop the end of the string over the rim of the lid and glue inside the lid for a neat finish.
Empty out a couple of teabags, and mix with PVA glue. I used wood glue but it doesn't have to be. Anything that dries clear will do. When this is dry it will look like earth.
Insert the flowers while the glue is still unset, and arrange to suit. Leave to dry and hey presto, a dolls house hanging basket for almost nothing!
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