How to Repot a Fake Plant & Still Make It Look Real

by Refreshingyourhome

Learn how to repot a fake plant to make it look real! It takes no time at all, a couple of quick items, and minimal effort. Repotting fake plants elevates your interiors and you can even use them outdoors to fool your friends.

Tools and materials:

  • Fake plant in an original plastic container
  • Vase of your choice
  • Brown paper or brown cloth
  • Scissors
  • Knife (optional)
  • Moss
Using a knife to loosen the plant
Removing the fake plant

Step 1: Remove the fake plant

Take the fake plant out of its original plastic pot. Use a knife to gently loosen it from the old pot, if necessary. Gently lift it out, being careful not to damage the plant or its arrangement.

Placing the fake plant in the vase

Step 2: Place the fake plant in the vase

Choose a vase that you truly love and that will accommodate the size of your fake plant comfortably. Ensure the vase complements your decor and fits the style you desire.

Position the fake plant inside the vase, adjusting it to sit at the desired height. Make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing and centered within the vase.

Cutting brown paper or cloth

Step 3: Cut a circle of brown paper or cloth

Take your brown paper or cloth and cut it into a circle that's slightly larger than the diameter of the vase's opening. In the center of this circle, cut a hole just big enough to accommodate the base of the fake plant.

Lay the circular piece of brown paper or cloth over the fake dirt at the top of the vase. This will act as a cover for the plastic dirt, making it look more natural.

Adding moss to the pot

Step 4: Add moss

To create a more natural, realistic appearance, place some moss on top of the brown paper or cloth. This gives the illusion that the fake plant is growing from the vase's soil. Arrange the moss in a natural and visually appealing way.

How to repot a fake plant

How to repot a fake plant

You’ve successfully repotted your faux plant and it's ready to be displayed. The vase and added elements like brown paper or cloth and moss give it a fresh, natural appearance that enhances your decor.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve repotted your fake plants and how they turned out.

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  • Kimberly Beaver Kimberly Beaver on Sep 26, 2023
    I love the look. Since there is extra room in the pot, when you "adjust" the height, etc., what do you use to keep the tree from leaning?
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