How to Make Fake Plants Look Real: Quick & Easy Hack

Do you want to know how to make fake plants look real? I have the solution! Make realistic fake plants using cardboard and moss. It’s the quickest, easiest fix and you won’t believe how good it looks.

Tools and materials

  • Planter (mine was $19 from Walmart)
  • Part of a cardboard box
  • Spanish moss
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Styrofoam cube (optional)
  • Fake plant
  • Vacuum cleaner
Cardboard box

1. Gather supplies

You’ll need a few supplies for this hack: start with a planter and a cardboard box.

Tracing the bottom of the planter

2. Trace and cut the cardboard

  • Place the planter upside down on a piece of the cardboard box.
  • Using a pencil or pen, carefully trace the top of the planter onto the cardboard. It doesn’t need to be perfect because you can trim it once it’s cut out.
Cutting out the shape

3. Cut the planter’s shape on cardboard

  • With scissors or a utility knife, carefully cut out the planter shape from the cardboard. Leave about a 1/2 inch border around the traced shape–you can trim that if it’s too big later but you do want it to be a snug fit.
  • Cut out a tiny circle in the middle of this cardboard shape which will hold the plant’s stem or trunk.
  • Also, cut a straight line cut halfway across the center of the planter into that center hole cut-out. This forms a small opening in the center of the planter shape, allowing you to slip the plant’s stem or trunk through later.
Adding a styrofoam cube at the bottom

4. Styrofoam cube addition (optional)

If your plant pot is deep and you want to raise the plant for better visibility. Cut a Styrofoam cube and place it inside the bottom of the planter.

Placing the plant

5. Insert the plant

Gently slide your chosen plant through the opening in the cardboard so the cardboard is surrounding the plant’s stem or trunk. Place the plant inside of the planter so the cardboard is sitting snugly inside the rim.

Spanish moss

6. Add Spanish moss

  • This step can get a bit messy.
  • Begin adding the Spanish moss to the cardboard inside the planter. Start by placing a layer of moss at the bottom on the cardboard.
Adding Spanish moss to the planter
  • Continue layering the Spanish moss until it completely covers the cardboard. Make sure the moss is thick enough to effectively hide the cardboard and create a natural look.
  • Vacuum around the plant to clean up stray bits of moss.
How to make fake plants look real

How to make fake plants look real

Now you know how to make fake houseplants look real! This unique and budget-friendly project adds a touch of nature to your living space. Enjoy your new plant display and share your creation in the comments below.

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