Chalk Painting Your Outdoor Shutters? Yes You Can!

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You've always been able to paint almost any surface with various chalk paints on the market. However, they all require a stinky, sticky polyurethane coating to protect them from the elements. NOT TODAY! NOT THIS GIRL! I no longer do top coating....EVER. I use All In One Paints by Heritage Collection. They give you the beautiful, non-latex look of chalk paints but without the added steps. I'm talking NO bonding primer needed, NO waxing (hallelujah) and NO top coat required. Instead of going over your front door or your shutters 5 or 6 times, you can go over them twice and mark that project right off your honey-do list. That's what I call EASY DIY!

Join us live every Tuesday at 8pm EST on Hometalk. We'll be doing this project live on Tues 9/26/17 at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there!

You can find All In One Paint at your local Do It Best Hardware store. Not all Do It Best Stores have Do It Best in their name so if you're unsure if you have one, be sure to check their store map on If your store doesn't stock the paint, just ask the paint manager to order it for you through their warehouse. Any Do It Best hardware store can bring this product in for you.
We have a pair of outdoor shutters that have been hinged together to make a screen folding type door thing. We're unhooking them and giving them back their old life as shutters. Its okay to be what you are. You don't always have to be repurposed into something new. Like all projects, we'll give them degreasing with TSP from the hardware store before starting our painting. Remember, everything collects surface oils from the air, dusting agents, etc. All In One Paints are water based. Oil and water don't mix. We all learned this in elementary science class. This paint doesn't require much prep, but a thorough cleaning is not a step to take lightly. Be sure to always thoroughly remove your surface oils. That's the only prep you need to do besides give the paint a really good stir and you're ready to start painting.
Since this project won't be done until after this blog, I've scoured Pinterest for a few inspiration photos for you. Ooh and Aah with me. I'm loving navy right now. Polo is a dark, rich navy in the All In One Paint. Don't you just love the name! I always tell people its like a good pair of women's navy dress slacks. You know, the flattering shade of navy. Don't we all want that?!

We'll be applying our base color of All In One Paint with our Syntec Chalk Brushes. Most surfaces take 2 coats of paint. This paint dries fast between coats so you can truly be a weekend warrior and get big projects like this done in a hurry.
Next, we'll be using a dry brush technique with one or two more All In One Paint colors to add a shabby look to our painted shutters. You don't have to do this step if you want straight up, one-tone paint color.

This is the look we'll be doing in our live. We'll be starting with a base of All In One Paint in Cobblestone which is a gorgeous, mid-tone gray. Remember, you can totally stop at the first step if you want. Then we'll be dry brushing a Cashmere (white) and Cathedral (charcoal) both in the All In One Paint. You can easily do this dry brushing technique on anything that you're painting, not just your shutters. And best of all, no top coat!

Picture from Pinterest
Did you know you can paint your front door with All In One Paint too so that everything is one cohesive look? You can and we did it live on Hometalk. Be sure to check out that past live. It's so much easier than you think. Go and ahead and paint those plastic planters on your front porch while you're at it. Everything can be painted with All In One Paint. Its UV resistant and highly durable. That is why paint is our last step in this tutorial. That's right. We are not top coating our outdoor shutters! I know it sounds crazy, but I promise its good to go.

Tip: You can paint your shutters with them right on your house. Just be sure to have a good angle brush for the edges and I like to keep an edging tool with me that I can slide between the shutter and the house so I can fly through this project. Just be careful if you're up on a ladder.

A quart of All In One Paint will paint approx 140 sq ft. That means 1 quart should do all of the shutters on your house unless you're leaving in a mansion with tons of windows. In that case, you might need 2.

We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
Suggested materials:
  • All In One Paint in Cobblestone   (Heirloom Traditions Paint)
  • All In One Paint in Cashmere   (Heirloom Traditions Paint)
  • All In One Paint in Cathedral   (Heirloom Traditions Paint)
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