Building Our Post and Beam Off Grid OutDoor Kitchen

Lumnah Acres
by Lumnah Acres
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We decided years ago that we need an Outdoor Kitchen to host BBQs, in for canning all of our summer bounties, harvesting the pasture-raised animals that we raise here in. And just a fun spot to hang out in.

For years we have been collecting items for the outdoor kitchen and even saving some from the landfill. We have gotten roof trusses from the landfill. We dumpster dived well almost we would have if we had to, but luckily the windows hadn't gone in the dumpster yet but they were on their way into it!

This summer we started building our Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen with some of these items and found much more for the build along the way! I must say I am very happy with the results! We have a 4 foot by 8-foot window that slides up and to front sliding barn doors that open up to give us a 7-foot wide opening. The structure is built and now we just need to finish setting up the inside.

We just installed our chimney and brought in the antique wood cook stove we have had for a few years. I will link that.
The post and beams for the base are installed. They were from local trees milled by a local saw mill.
The Trusses that we wrestled from a landfill sitting on top of our 6x8 beams.
Once we had the trusses on we strapped and put metal roofing on so we would have the ability to work in the rain.
The front with the barn glass doors open.
the sliding side window
Front view with all the doors closed!
Suggested materials:
  • Roof Trusses   (Land Fill)
  • Metal Roofing   (ABC Metal roofing)
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