Lampshade Flower Vase

3 Materials
60 Minutes

Reuse of nonworking floor lamp's shade into a flower vase . Absolutely goegeous centre piece for anny celebration.

There was a standing lamp which I got from Walmart which was not working properly. When I packed it backed to the box , the idea striked me. Why don't we use the parts of it to make something else. The first thing came into mind was the wide, white lampshade. As the first step I separated it from other parts.

Then i took a scrap wood peice and applied Industrial glue E6000.

Attached the lampshade onto the wood piece.

Then i spray painted both interior and exterior with Krylon golden spray.

Then glued one more wooden piece inside the lamp shade.

I took out the leaves from faux sunflower bunch and put then inside the lampshade.

The next step was to glue together the flower bases bought from Dollar tree and attach then on to the wood piece using E6000.

The next step was to attach the mirror candle holder into the flower base. We can use E6000 to make it firm.

Glue on one more mirror as a base.

Glue on more leaves and sunflowers on the insise of lampshade , surrounding the mirror. Lit a candle and keep ot on the mirror. Enjoy the beautiful view and share it with friends 😊

Suggested materials:

  • Lampshade   (From Walmart)
  • Mirrors   (Dollar tree)
  • Spray paint   (Walmart)

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