Learn to Kettle Dye Yarn (No Experience Necessary)

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A few years ago, I shared a tutorial on how to Kettle Dye Yarn and I decided it was time for an update. The information in that post is all good but the photos are … well …. not so much. This was very early in my FiberArtsy career and as you can see, I had a lot to learn. So, hence this new and improved kettle dyeing tutorial.

Note: In this post, I’m dyeing wool roving for an upcoming wet felting project. The steps are exactly the same for yarn so feel free to substitute your favorite protein yarn s.a. wool, alpaca or mohair.
– Wool Yarn or Roving
– Acid Dyes (I used Turquoise, Vermillion, Aztec Gold and Yellow Sun)
– White Vinegar
– Old Roasting Pan
– Mesh Fabric (s.a. a laundry bag)
– Mason Jars or Cups
– Plastic spoons and/or chop sticks
– Dust Mask
– Gloves (optional)
– Stove top
Prepare the Dye:
Mix your dyes in the mason jars according to the directions on the container.
Safety Note: Always wear your dust mask when handling dye powder!
Prepare the yarn or roving by soaking in a water/vinegar solution
Apply the dye one color at a time.
Heat Set the dye, rinse and hang to dry. Now your yarn or roving is ready to use!

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You can get the full step by step instructions at FiberArtsy.com - see link below
Suggested materials:
  • Yarn or Roving
  • Acid Dyes
  • Vinegar
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