Making a Deer Proof Outside Arrangement

2 Materials
30 Minutes
I was very tired of wasting money on flowers for my garden.
Lay out all items on paper.
Half circle styrofoam, wire, snippers, stones, flowers, greens, glue gun. Hanging basket with liner.
Ready to begin.
Place stones in basket. Stones will help put weight in basket so it doesn't move with wind. Then styrofoam. Using wire you can attach basket to styrofoam with little eye hooks but I found it not really necessary.
Greens made it look real but don't over do.
Add greens pushing in to styrofoam while adding glue to maintain position of of greens. Or after adding flowers you can glue flower stem to styrofoam. Snip flowers stems to various sizes for fullness of arrangement.
Looking good! Hang upright for check out plsc
Looking good! Hang to see uniformity.
Little by little it starts to look really nice. After all is placed in the position you feel is acceptable take out side and spray flowers with clear coat lacquer to preserve color. Make sure it's not windy because of your inhaling lacquer or overspray. Be careful!
Lovely to look at and the deer won't bother it. Garden ready!!
Suggested materials:
  • Styrofoam half circle, glue gun or wire or both, snippers, flowers , wrought iron basket with lining , stones from dollar store to keep it weighted.   (Dollar store, Walmart. Items I already had.)
  • Artificial greens, clear gloss lacquer spray to preserve color.   (Walmart, had some from previous projects)
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