Making a Pinata

My son asked if I would make a pinata for his daughter's and stepson's 2nd birthdays. They were born only 6 hours apart at the same hospital. Some things are just fate. Anyway, of course I said yes. I used to make them for my children all the time. It had been a while but like riding a bike... Only challenge? Combining Hello Kitty and Scooby Do. Here goes.
Simple flour and water paste. I just put a couple cups flour in a bowl and add water till it is like pancake batter. Stir till smooth.
Toughest, roundest balloon around. And available at the Dollar Tree.
Nice big round ball.
Outside we go. Messy project. The punch ball also has the bonus of a hanger. String it up in the tree and start applying paper stripes soaked in flour paste. Make sure the paper is wet on both sides. Smooth the paper so it lays flat.
Overlap and apply crisscrossed. After the ball has about 3-4 layers of paper strips and has been allowed to dry between each layer you will want to string the whole thing up in a harness like hanger.
This is where I messed up this post. I forgot to take pics of the cones being added. So, all I did is take poster board and form cones about 5" at the base. Size of cones depends on how big your ball is and how many cones you want. I did 6 so I could have 3 for each of the characters. Snip the edge of the cone to create a flange about 1-2 inches long. Glue the cones to the ball and cover the connections with more strips of pasted paper. Make sure you allow each layer to dry, otherwise, it will get soggy and not form a hard surface.
Once the cones are secure, apply another layer over the harness hanger. After it is allowed to dry, check for soft spots and apply more layers as needed.
Now my challenge began. I had no idea how to combine these two characters. I also had a heck of a time finding any graphic without spending alot. I finally found fabric with both. I covered 3 cones with Hello Kitty fabric and spray painted the other 3 black.
I then cut out Scooby Do patches from the other fabric and used spray adhesive to apply them to the black cones. Now you need to cut a hole for the candy to be put in. Of course, I forgot to take these pics. Only cut three sides of a square out, leaving a flap to close. Cut it toward the top so it is less likely to bust open too early. Apply a couple layers of paste strips to close flap after you fill your pinata.
Now the fun, and time consuming part. I use party streamer. You know the stretchy kind that comes in rolls that you use to hang from the ceiling for parties? Ok. Chose your colors. I like to go with the brightest coordinating colors. Cut a crapload of squares from each one. Get a pencil with a new eraser and something to put a puddle of white glue on. Take one square of paper and put your eraser in the middle of it and scrunch the paper around it. Dip your paper in the glue and stick it to the ball.
Start at the base of the cones. Circle around each one until your colors come together.
Fill in to cover all the newspaper covered ball. This is the pattern I used. You can create your own.
Tada! Your pinata is ready to be destroyed. Tip...When you make your paste, if you have leftover, keep it in the fridge. Otherwise, if it is left out it will spoil. And believe me, that stinks. This will take a couple of days to complete. The warmer and dryer it is the better.
Birthday party time. My son and daughter in law decided to do it on the beach of a local lake. This is Trey taking a swing at it and Alice in daddy's arms waiting her turn. All the kids had a blast but if you do decide to do it on sand, be prepared to eat some. Have fun and get creative.
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