Mason Jar Pineapple Luminaries

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I don't know about you, but summer time gets me super produce happy! One of my favorite summertime treats is a great stinkin' pineapple! Not only do they taste good, but they look cute, too! That's why I decided to make this fruit inspired pineapple night light. With a mason jar, some tissue paper, paint and felt this cheap and easy luminary is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!
l mean how great are these for a tropical themed room or party?
Wouldn't tiny ones make great party favors for a kids birthday?

-Mason Jar / Jars in diff. sizes

-Yellow Tissue Paper

-Black / Green Acrylic Paint

-Battery Powered Tea lights (Not pictured)

-2 pieces of Green Felt

-Hot Glue

-Pipe Cleaners (in any color)


-Mod Podge (or glue and water)

-Paint Brushes
STEP 1: Cut tissue paper

Cut your tissue paper into small squares.
STEP 2: Decoupage your jar

Using your mod podge, attach the yellow tissue paper squares to cover the glass part of your mason jar(s). I did two layers to give the yellow more vibrancy. Set them aside and allow them to dry.
STEP 3: Paint lids

While your jars are drying you can take this time to paint your lids green. These will take a couple of coats of paint.
STEP 4: Paint 'v' shapes

Once your jars are dry simply take a small paintbrush and draw little 'v' shapes in black sporadically across the jar(s). This just gives a cartoon-like take on the texture of a pineapple.
STEP 5: Cut felt leaves

Now onto the leaves! Take your pieces of green felt and pile them on top of one another. Cut out several "leaf-like" shapes through both layers of felt in various sizes for the top of each pineapple jar. (I cut 7 for the large jar and 6 for the smaller one... I also made sure to keep the sizes appropriate for each jar.)
STEP 6: Add pipe cleaners to leaves

For each leaf there are now 2 sides. Take one side of each leaf and glue a pipe cleaner down the middle.

Take that leaf's other side and glue it over top of the pipe cleaner.

Trim the excess pipe cleaner from the bottom of the leaf.
STEP 7: Glue leaves to jar lids

Gather your various leaves and arrange them in the way you want them to rest on top of your jar. Dab hot glue between them helping to hold them together.

Now glue them to the lid of your pineapple jar. *The heat from the glue may peel the paint, but you can touch up any spots that come up later.

Because there are pipe cleaners inside you can bend the leaves a bit to add character.
STEP 8: Add tea lights

Now just turn on your tea light(s) and drop them in the jars. Screw each lid on top of the jars and enjoy!
These look great without the lights turned on too!
I'm pretty sure I will be buying a real pineapple at the grocery later... this certainly got me in the mood!
Suggested materials:
  • Mason Jars   (Dollar Store)
  • Tissue Paper   (Dollar Store)
  • Green Felt   (Michael's)
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  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Aug 14, 2017
    Great idea. I see my green felt going around a solar light. My daughter that's pineapple crazy will be making these for her dorm : )

  • Karen Karen on Aug 17, 2017
    Really cute!