NEW TWIST on Flag Candles NOT MADE From Pickle Jars

3.5 Hours
A twist on my last post of flag candles made with pickle jars. These GEMS were at Target for $1.00, and I knew I could try a new twist on this project.
Got these for a $1.00 each at Target. I loved the indentation and it gave me an idea for a new type of flag candle. If you didn't see last post, got the flags also from Target 3 for $1,00, made in the USA!!
First I taped off the glass so I could spray paint the indent.
I used Black Chalk Board paint and sprayed it 3 coats.
Here is it drying. The hardest part of this was taking off ALL THAT tape, LOL.
This is what it looked like. I took a toothpick and went around the inside edges to clean it up a bit (this pic is before cleaning).
I took modge podge, brushed it on the back of the flag, and then put it on the other side of the glass. Added more modge podge on the edges to help it stick.
This is what the flag side looks like when dry. I also had brushed a layer of modge podge over the outside of the flag to help seal it.
Now, write what you want on the Chalk Board indent. The other one had *** drawn on it.
I love how you can see the flag through the back of the chalk Board side.
Last but not least...lit up! Love this new twist!!!!
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on May 20, 2015
    TOO cute! Love these.

    • Lisa Cain Lisa Cain on May 20, 2015
      @Hannah V I want to try placing a picture inside of these gems next! Love these jars...going back to Target to get MORE!