Painted Vase

3 Materials
30 Minutes
We all know I am not the most crafty one in the office... if you didn't know that, now you do know. I have been trying to brighten up my apartment with plants and flowers etc since I moved in and the next step was to buy flowers. I realized I didn't have a vase that matched my living room! So I decided to paint one.....
I picked up a $4 vase from the local hardware store. I used deco red paint to go with the aesthetic of my living room and I wanted to do the mod podge tecnique.. This didn't really go as planned but it still turned out okay.
Start by washing the vase with warm water.
This is where things got a little sticky(literally). I wanted to do the roll technique where you mix the paint in the mod podge and pour it in the inside of the glass and roll it to cover the glass. I realized that I needed to use food coloring instead of actual paint for this.
I ended up mixing the paint and mod podge together and just rolled with it instead.
I painted the outside of the vase.
I let it dry for a few minutes (mod podge dries so fast). I then took extra burlap I had around the house and tied it around the neck of the vase. I bought flowers anddd...
ta-da! It's not the prettiest vase in the world but it does have character. :)
Suggested materials:
  • Vase
  • Paint
  • Mod podge
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  • Nelda Pugh Nelda Pugh on Jul 05, 2017
    Nice vase! Check out thrift stores for $1 prices and form a grouping of several vases.