How do I DIY a large wall clock?


My Dad is 91 and has terrible vision. He has always loved Mickey Mouse especially since I worked at WDW when I was a teenager 30+ years ago. The only watch he will ever wear has to have Mickey's face on it... lol. My idea for his upcoming 92 birthday was to make a large Mickey Mouse wall clock he can see from across the room when he sits in 'his' chair -- perhaps 16" diameter if round or 20 x 20" if square. ??? I do want mine to be a very nice authentic (looking) clock (hopefully with Mickey's hands being the clock hands... but that's not a necessity). The hands just need to be very identifiable.

Any ideas on finding a decal or pic that size; material to use (I was thinking wood); stain, paint,???

[Most commercial ones are only about 8-10 inches diameter and the clock hands are very difficult to differentiate from the clock pattern.]

Would appreciate any ideas,Thanks!

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