Spitting Candlesticks With Unicorn Spit

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These have been chilling on my dresser for years, I always knock them over. I redid a cabinet recently and wanted to make these babies match!
I had to sand these down by hand. I loved how they looked with a small amount of finish in them, almost like snakeskin!
After cleaning all the sawdust off, I got out my unicorn spit and a small foam brush. I used only two colors, zia teal and weathered wood. I applied the weather wood to the rope decal and the zia teal everywhere else. After it dried I applied another coat. I used very small amounts of Unicorn spit for this project.
I really liked how I could see some of the old finish that I left behind pop out! It gave these candlesticks a nice look. I then finished them with a spray on spar it darkened up these candlesticks and gave them a slight green hue.
I think they match pretty good!
Suggested materials:
  • Sand paper, water, Unicorn Spit, foam brush, spray spar eurothane
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