Two years ago when were preparing to build our new home, I set out on a mission to find GOOD,cheap light fixtures. Since I live with my electrician, I knew that I could get them installed without a fee :) I'm still blown away at what I found! The photos say it all!.....well.....almost. We did have to do a little refurbishing & repairing. I think you will agree that this was a successful mission!
We were in Huntsville, AL and stopped in at the Thrift Mart, & there it was...calling my name! It is a Miranda Feiss & is very large, 30"w.x 26" h. $85! Not a flaw except missing a couple of crystals. Perfect for my living room.
A week later, was in Thrift Mart & found this Miranda Feiss! $35! One arm had a clean break & a few crystals were missing. My husband sautered the arm, bought crystals & touched up the repair. Found good shades @ Habitat Re Store.
While @ Habitat Store found this old, dirty candleabra for my sitting room. $10! It was green & some arms bent, & had to be rewired. I repainted it and called in my electrician!
Another Habitat Store find! $20! It needed some minor repairs & had to be rewired. Am I not lucky that I live with my electrician? :) Looks great in the tub area of our Jack & Jill guest bathroom.
This, too, came from Habitat Store. $10. I cleaned it up & repainted it a metallic bronze. It is hanging in our master bath.
I found two of these at a local Goodwill store. $5 each. They were a brass color (cheap metal) but after I painted them with the metallic bronze, they looked nice. I might add that on all these vanity fixtures I replaced the globes.
I found most of the vanity globes at various thrift stores for $1 each. This one and the one in the previous photo are in the vanity area of our Jack & Jill bath.
This vanity light is in our half bath near the kitchen & master suite. It was also a brassy color and I used the rustic texture spray paint on it. It also came from the Thrift Mart in Huntsville. Paid $10 for it.
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  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Pat aka Queen of Thrift on Dec 02, 2014
    Thank you Gail! Yes, I am very fortunate and very blessed. He loves to what I call "tinker" with things. I can always count on him to help me refurbish my finds!

  • Kelly Kelly on Feb 01, 2016
    I'm with you. I've been blessed with a husband who can do anything (I mean anything). We have a couple of ceiling fans, but other than that every light fixture in our house have been junk finds. He cleans them up, rewires them, and installs them. It gives my style (totally eclectic) a real boost. Keep up the good work.