Tonight Naughty Lady Meets Dapper Dan

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It's been just over two months since many of you met the "Naughty Lady from Shady Lane". I promised then she would meet her soul mate. It's been a busy two months of taking her to every speed-dating event held at every thrift shop in the area. Too tall, too short, too thin, too stout. I met Dapper Dan about four weeks ago, however, he was a bit pricey ($6), so I had to wait for the half-price sale. I know, I was gambling, but willing to take the chance. So given the chance to dress up in his finest, tonight's the night.

I hope I didn't oversell him, because Naughty Lady has donned a new hat and had her hair done for the occasion and believe me, they weren't cheap.
Meet Dapper Dan, not too tall, not too short, not too thin, not too stout.
I found this wonderful fabric that seemed just right for a tailored look.
In preparation for the final steps, Dan is first wiped down with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust or fingerprints and then given a thorough coat of clear gesso and then painted with a black acrylic paint. All these recipes were presented in "MomPodge, Mother of Gesso and Modeling Paste".

Before applying the fabric, I prepared the necessary fabric slurry of equal parts Water, Plaster of Paris, and Elmer's glue. This process is also demonstrated in "Molding Fabric Into Wine/Plant Holder"
Before applying the fabric, using craft foam, I fashioned a shirt collar and tie. Also, I could see Dapper Dan needed a little more height and shape to the top, so I cut a Styrofoam ball in half and hot glued to the cork, wrapped in cheesecloth and secured with the fabric slurry mixture. Now we are ready for the final tailoring but not before ordering up a top hat from the local hat shop.
I won't give the details of creating a top hat, suffice to say, it starts with an oval shape, a straight strip, and a circle for the top. Rubber cement is probably the best glue to use.
To finish up the top hat, it is completely covered with black acrylic paint. I cut down a zipper for the brim, glued on a small trim piece around the top and highlighted the piece with a bronze metallic paint, then added some metal steampunk accessories (6 total) and completed the look with the black feathers. It was quite a lengthy process and with enough interest I will do a separate project on how to do this. The learning curve was steep, but the process fairly simple.
Dapper Dan goes in for his final fitting. I thought the outer garment a bit long and decided to break it up by adding cording to the bottom, spot hot-gluing along the way and then a thorough soaking with MomPodge to insure it was secure. Buttons are added, a "gold" pocket to impress as well as a pearl drop tie pin. All is highlighted with the same bronze metallic paint. I think he is ready to meet the Naughty Lady.
Is this a match made in heaven? I think they are soul mates!

Note to reader: For additional information and instruction, my previous projects mentioned are noted below:

Suggested materials:

  • Artist Loft Black Acrylic Paint   (Joann)
  • Craftmart Bronze acrylic paint   (Joann)
  • Craftfoam   (Dollar Store)
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  • Bcfatbroad Bcfatbroad on Aug 12, 2019

    I did not know about naughty lady .I'm thinking what on the world...Gonna say what a pair. All dressed in finery and this idea..Thank you for SHARING...

    • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Nov 05, 2020

      I hope you found the making of Naughty Lady project. She was just s much fun to make and I'm so proud. Since I posted, I gifted the set to a very dear friend and I'm tempted to do it all over again. It's been one of my proudest moments. Thanks for sharing your reaction. It would be a first.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 12, 2019

    So cool and ready to go out on the town! Just by chance, the ad following your project was for luxury hot tubs, and I thought, how apt. Just perfect!

    • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Nov 05, 2020

      What a hoot! I'm sure Dapper Dan had the foresight to bring the champagne and a couple of glasses. I can vouch that the man has class.