How to Upcycle a Lamp to Create Something Chic & Modern

by Rohina

I decided to learn how to upcycle lampshades. I started with a very old, plain lampshade. To upcycle my lamp, I used very simple materials that would make the lampshade look stunning at night when it was turned on. Let me show you my DIY upcycled lamp!

Tools and materials

  • Macrame rope (approximately 150 rupees/$1.80 USD)
  • White craft glue (also called polyurethane glue or PU glue)
  • Wall putty
  • Palette knife
Lampshade before the DIY
Old lampshade
Macrame rope

Step 1: Wrap the shade with macrame rope

Take your old lampshade and begin by applying white craft glue to the surface. This adhesive will help the macrame rope adhere to the lampshade securely.

Gluing rope to the top of the lampshade

Wrap the macrame rope around the lampshade, starting at the top and working your way down. Press it firmly into the glue to ensure it sticks. Continue wrapping until the entire lampshade is covered. Overlap the rope for a more textured look, if you wish.

Wrapping the rope around the lampshade
Securing the ends of the rope

Step 2: Secure the ends of the rope

When you reach the end of the rope, apply a little extra glue to ensure it sticks securely. Trim any excess rope to finish neatly.

Mixing the wall putty
Applying wall putty to the lampshade

Step 3: Apply wall putty

To create a trendy raw cement texture, take your wall putty and a palette knife.

Apply a small amount of wall putty to the lampshade's surface.

Creating texture on the lampshade

Step 4: Create texture

Using the palette knife, create a textured finish on the lampshade. You can make patterns, rough it up, or create any design you like. Allow the wall putty to dry completely before placing it back on your lamp.

Finished upcycled lamp
How to upcycle a lamp
DIY upcycled lamp

DIY upcycled lamp

The raw cement finish of the shade gives this DIY upcycled lamp an on-trend look, especially when it’s illuminated at nighttime. You've successfully upcycled your decade-old lampshade into a trendy and eye-catching decor piece.

What do you think of the final result? Every shade will be unique so share your upcycle lamp design with me in the comments.

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    No questions, just wanted to say that I love this idea for the lamp shade!!! And Thanks!