Upcycled Dishwasher Pod Container.

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by Karen Merritt3
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I was about to get rid of a dishwasher pod container but decided to keep it for storing craft supplies. But like so many other things I keep it gets put away until I get inspired. Well that day finally came when I aquired several old computer and laptop keyboards. I had previously made a pencil holder out of a Pringles can covered in keyboard keys. The silver paint really made it pop.

Previous key project.

I didn't know what I would use it for but knew I wanted cover it with the keys.

It is too cold out with a chance of snow to spray paint outside. And I never spray paint inside. I made that misstake only once. Also I didn't want to get out my spray gun for such a small project. So Gesso and craft paint to the rescue.

Six glued and ??? Left to glue.😩

First I had to glue the keys on. It took quite a while to glue all of the keys on. Alot longer than a Pringles can. Then I applied Gesso all over the container with a paint brush. Both steps were so tedious. I had to use a little brush to get between all the keys. Plus burning my fingers a few times with the hot glue. I only used the flat thin keys. Hind sight is 20/20 they say. No kidding. I should have used the larger keys because they are larger and easier to hold on to. 🙁 Oh well maybe next time. (Sorry I did use some of the larger keys around the top of the container's rim) I then applied the Gesso. This was the second time I have used Gesso. I hope it works like it is suppose to. Unless you have the paint for plastic you need to use Gesso.

I let the Gesso dry completely. I got out my craft paint and used a light blue and a light aqua. Getting in between the keys was a pain. I'm not too crazy how the paint job turned out. But after all that glueing, applying Gesso and painting I wasn't about to call it quits now.

The picture does not show the true colors.

It was so plain looking so I hot glued twine around the bottom and below the rim. I also attached a twine bow I made. A small craft Jewel was glued to the center of the bow.

Now I'm happy how it turned out. I'm still not sure what I'm going to use it for. Any suggestions? I can't use it for food because the container still has the odor of the dish washer pods. This project didn't cost me anything to make. I had everything I needed in my craft supplies.

Suggested materials:
  • Dishwasher pod container, Gesso, craft paint, twine and craft jewel   (From my craft supplies at home.)
  • Glue gun, glue sticks and paint brush.   (From my craft supplies at home.)
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