A POEM Wall Art Piece!

I have been searching for a very large piece to put on the wall in this room and failed to find anything...so of course I thought to my self "well, make something"!
So I worked on a poem for 3 days,

YES, three because I wanted somethimg really cool, original and one to be proud of. And besides I have never written a poem but my mom was a phenomenal poet so maybe she was helping me from heaven because it came out PERFECT (for me)
So I bought some boards and painted them in a more "rustic" style.
So I went to my sign shop where I knew the owner to cut the vinyl in the font I found on the Internet, size I wanted and instructions of how I wanted it to be laid out. (you'll see why in a second)
So I applied the vinyl and painted the "words" that I wanted black on all 7 boards.

I needed 7 boards for this project with 7 lines of poetry...
Then I staggered the boards to where the poem would read "TIPTON" (my married last name)
Here are the boards laid out.

Look closely by zooming in and notice that the letters in metalic burnt orange "spells" out T.I.P.T.O.N vertically!

I was so so so proud of this project and even more proud that I have not seen this anywhere and came up with it as wheels were spinning in my head.
Then I (as in "my husband" attached the wood boards on a huge sheet of plywood that I stained first. Then he added small thick boards to the back of the plywood on the left, middle and right so he could hang it up on the wall where the studs were located so there would be no doubt that it would fall or not. This sign is very heavy and large. I do not know the dementions but you can "guess-timate" by the picture. (It hangs above the green chair).
Here is another angle for "size". This is the room you see when you first walk in the house, so I wanted somethimg that was very large, went with the theme, somethimg very special and original to describe how I feel!
Here is another picture including the whole poem.

I love it and it is definitely a conversation piece and when someone finally realizes that the poem "spells" out our last name, they love it even more !

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to do something special and personal for your family too!

Have a productive day!
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