DIY Mercury Glass Window

2 Materials
15 Minutes

I was gifted this beautiful wooden window from an ex-neighbor. She was sure I could do something fantastic with it.

Frankly I love the window as is but a little mercury glass treatment couldn't hurt. It just adds to the fun factor and it could always be reversed with a well sharpened razor blade.

I already have the perfect spot. A big blank wall in my son's bathroom which I'm helping him redo.

If I use the mercury glass I won’t see the wall color peeking thru.

For supplies, you will need: a window, painters tape, black spray paint or other flat black paint, a spray bottle with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, a paper towel, a can of mirror spray paint either Krylon Looking Glass spray paint or Rustoleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint.

Use the painters tape to mask any areas you do not want covered in spray paint. Taping up the pane dividers will be the most time consuming part of this entire project.

Turn the window over and cover all the glass with black paint. I’m using black chalk paint but I would have used black spray paint if I had any on hand.

Back to the front. Take your window outside if at all possible to get the ventilation and lay down a drop cloth.

Spray the window all over with the water/vinegar mixture. A couple of larger droplets are fine. Spray the window with the mirror spray paint. Let sit about 20 seconds and spray again.

Wait another 20 seconds and use the paper towel to lightly dab the water/vinegar spots.

Remove the painters tape and your project is complete.

If your window has peeling paint you may want to stop the peel with this trick. Combine wood glue with water, about 2/3 glue to 1/3 water and paint it over the peeling paint. The glue will dry clear and you’ll preserve the chippy paint look.

If you like, attach a wreath to display behind a couch or bed. This is just my front door wreath for an example, but a boxwood wreath, a magnolia wreath, or a twig wreath would all look fantastic.

For my purposes, I’m using the window wreathless. The mercury glass window has already been hung and is looking beautiful in my son’s bathroom. You can find the rest of the bathroom makeover here.

Join me over at for many more upcycled and recycled projects.

Suggested materials:

  • Mirror spray paint   (Amazon or hardware store)
  • Black spray paint   (hardware store)

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Joyce Thiery Joyce Thiery on Aug 01, 2021

    Totally, totally gorgeous.

    Like you, I would have loved it just as it was.

    Can't say enough nice

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Aug 02, 2021

    TY for the trick of mixing water and glue to seal chipping paint! Great project! 😎

    • ScavengerChic ScavengerChic on Aug 02, 2021

      You're very welcome but I got that trick from Flea market flip. Cheers!