Metal, Wood and Corrugated Paper Family Sign

14 Materials
1 Hour
Simple, classy and highly in demand. This beautiful, family sign looks great together on a gallery wall or even on their own. This rustic wood sign will look perfect in any family room if your looking to add some rustic flair. Its perfectly distressed, which gives it a great vintage farmhouse feel. Great hanging on a wall or standing on a shelf. If you love the combination of stained wood and metal with the surprise element of this corrugated cardboard for dimension. Then lets make this family sign. This screams vintage-style farmhouse collage wall must have!
Supplies you'll need to do this project:
Nail Gun & Nails
Wood 1x1 and thin wood (Luan)
Brush and Rag
Scissors / Razor Blade
Tape measure
Glue gun and Glue Sticks'
Corrugated Paper   
step one is cut the 1x1in my case its 2 at 11" and 2 at 22" then nail in a box formation. Then we will add the backing.
The backing is a thin plywood (Luan) that was cut a hair smaller then the 22"x11" and stapled to the box frame
Now that the box is complete, we will cut our corrugated cardboard to fit the inside of the box.
I fist cut the length trying to cut the corrugated side face down with it laying in box to see the fit, then I did the width making sure that it is not to long or short.
I then used a straight edge of the box to cut with a razor to get it sized perfectly I then set it aside.
Next grab the stain, in my case I used Tobacco color gel stain by Miss Lillian. I love the gel stain because it doesn't have a strong odor and I can do it in the house.
just brush on the stain and wipe off with an old rag.
Now that my box is done I chose not to do the inside with stain since I'll be coving it with the corrugated cardboard. I did however do the back in case I choose not to hang it on a  wall.
I then used hot glue to attach the corrugated cardboard that I had already cut.
I am ready to glue on the family. I used a metal family that is 18"x5" and was provided to me by Kelly, the owner of Jack Jacks Metal. Kelly does custom work as well and can be found on instagram. The cost of this size is $25 he even powder coats so you can have different colors and ships to your door! Make sure you check him out! I will post a link to make it easy for you.  
Finally  it is glued on and ready for display. You can also add a hook to the back if you'd like to display it on a collage wall.
This project is complete.  I used it on a sofa table. This project is simple and classy for any room in your home and the words you could use are endless enjoy making this fun and different shabby chic rustic farmhouse sign. To see more fun items visit Gilbert Marketplace online

Suggested materials:

  • Saw   (Harbor Freight)
  • Nail gun 2" nails   (Home Depot)
  • 1x1 wood   (Lowe's)
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