Picture Hanging Hacks for Sheetrock Walls

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15 Minutes

Happy almost June everyone!

Can y'all believe it's almost June? The year is flying by.

I want to share with y'all a few tricks I use for hanging pictures. I am always changing up my décor! Maybe it's an addiction... lol

Anyway, I'm going to share 3 different hacks that I use. A super easy to use Sheetrock hook, command vencro strips, and an easy way to remove strips and not tear up your wall ❤️❤️!

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When I have to have a nail/hook I use these Drywall hooks/ Monkey hooks/ Anchor Wire Gorilla Hooks. You can find these at Walmart or Lowes. The best thing about using these is you don't have to search for a stud to get the nail into or make a huge hole if you don't have a stud.

You simply push the hook in and up through the sheetrock. That's it! To remove you do the opposite motion of down and back.


If I can get by without having a hook then I will use these Velcro Command Picture Hanging strips. The also have ones without the velcro that are flusher with the wall, but I prefer the velcro ones. I recommend following the package direction for use. The way I use them is a bit different..... I place the strip where I want it on the picture and then attach the other side to it (velcro to velcro). I mark on the wall with a pencil the edges of where my picture will hang, remove the backing, and stick to the wall.

There’s a short video on this below or on my


Removing Command Velcro Picture Hanging Strips is so much easier then people talk about. These strips can for sure pull part of your sheetrock off if you aren't careful! Remove the frame from the wall by carefully pulling the velcro tabs apart one edge at a time. Then you are left with one side of the tab on the wall. Now pull down on the tab slowly with one hand and keep 2 fingers from your other hang on the tab. This is separating the adhesive part from the tab. Go super slow and continue to apply pressure as it comes off.

I'll share with you soon and easy hack for deciding where to place your hooks.

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Here is a short video on how to remove the command strips and not tear up your wall.

Suggested materials:

  • Wall hooks   (Walmart)
  • Command strips   (Walmart)

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