Pool Noodle Rainbow

by Selena75
5 Materials
2 Hours

I love to make 3-D decorations! While “playing” with pool noodles making lollipops, hearts, and other shapes, I realized how easy a rainbow would be.

Using the noodles as is after cutting

I found most of the rainbow colors on clearance at Walmart and the rest at Walgreens. Being on end of season clearance I paid around 50 cents each.

I went with the 3” noodles for more flexibility.

Once I had what I needed I started by cutting them in half lengthwise.

Using hot glue and skewers, I attached the noodles to each other forming the rainbow.

When the glue is dry the skewers come out. I decided to attach the entire thing to foam board for more stability using more hot glue. I traced out the rainbow and cut it with an exact knife first.

Since I had the second half of the noodles, I wanted to experiment with making them “tighter”. I filled the center with hot glue and taped them tight to dry.

I repeated the process with all of the colors, then glued them together like the first halves. Honestly, this proved to be mostly a waste of time. There wasn’t much difference in how they turned out although it did give the ability to curve them a little easier. I posted photos of each.

With both secured on foam board, I decided to make clouds to finish the ends. Using more foam board, I shaped out the clouds and attached them on either end using even more hot glue.

The rainbow using the glued tight noodles

On the shaped foam board and end of the noodles, I sprayed foam insulation to build the full puffy cloud effect. After it dried and set thoroughly, I used acrylic paint to get the true white color. Voila! Happy 3-D rainbow🌈

Suggested materials:
  • Pool noodles   (Walmart)
  • Pool noodles   (Walgreens)
  • Foam board   (Walmart)
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