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I’ve pressed flowers before. I remember doing it when I was a little girl. These memories are why I decided to do it with my girls. It’s such a simple activity that creates the most beautiful memories.

It all started when I was in the back storage room trying to organize it a bit. I stumbled upon the book that we were pressing flowers in from last Summer. When I saw this I knew it was the perfect time to pull them out and create some pressed flower art to get us through the last stretch of winter.

Is it me or does it always feel like winter just won’t ever leave? It gets warm and the snow starts to melt. Then it gets cold again. Then it gets warm again. But it doesn’t last, the cold comes back just a couple of days later.


To help with the seasonal transition I decided to add some floral decor to our home. I know these pressed flowers aren’t the real deal, but in a certain why I think they actually add a little bit of vintage flare that fresh flowers don’t always provide.

The Vintage Beauty of Pressed Flower Artwork

When the pressed flowers dry their colors change and soften a bit. What was once a vibrant pink, purple, or yellow is now a little duller. But my absolute favorite change is in the white. I love the way the whites become a bit more beige and cream.

These colors seem to scream vintage. This worked out perfectly since I was searching for some vintage botanical prints online before I found our pressed flowers.

Speaking of botanical prints! My friend Amanda, of Sincerely Marie Designs, is launching a new shop from her blog. She plans on selling botanical prints, wrapping paper, stationery, and so much more!! You should go check her stuff out!!

The Simplicity of Pressing Flowers

If you’ve never pressed flowers before it is truly one of the simplest activities. The girls and I just wandered around picking flowers together.

This was hands down the best part of the whole thing.

After we had our hands full of flowers, we carried them back home and found some big books and paper towels. We folded the paper towels around the flowers, then placed them within the pages of the heavy books. 

The next step is the hardest.

We had to wait.

But the waiting lasts so long that I forgot about these pressed flowers until I randomly happened upon them.

But right there’s the beauty!

Like a wave, the memories of the girls running around picking flowers came back to mind. I saw their golden blonde hair shining in the sun and I heard their laughter as they turned flower picking into a game of tag. All of this with the backdrop of fields of wildflowers and the soundtrack of birds singing.

The pressed flowers turn into a memory.

This is the main reason I turned them into pressed flower art. I want to see this memory as often as I can.


Pressed Flowers

Picture Frame


Step 1.

The first thing I did was clean the picture frame. It was sitting in the back-storage room collecting dust for who knows how long.

Step 2.

Remember my DIY inspirational quote frame post from last year? I still had a large piece of the matting from that project. So I grabbed it and measured it to fit within the frame, and used this as my background for the pressed flower artwork.

Step 3.

Next, I laid the flowers on the matting and started playing around with how I wanted them to be displayed for the pressed flower art. I made a few adjustments here and there but landed on a simple layout.

If you’ve seen any of the backyard picnics, ( Spring Picnic, Summer Picnic, Fall Picnic, or our romantic anniversary picnic) you may have noticed our yard is bordered with tall wildflowers/weeds, and grasses on 2 sides. This inspired the layout of the pressed flower art.

Step 4.

After I had the layout I wanted I simple placed the glass on top of the white matting that I had placed the flowers on. Then I slid the frame around the stack of glass, flowers, and matting. This was a bit tricky. I had to apply enough pressure to keep the flowers in place, yet not too much so I didn’t break the glass.

Step 5.

Once I had everything inside the frame I carefully flipped the frame and secured it by bending the staples back over, and voila!

It was all done!

Helpful Hints

Between you and me one of these flowers broke at some point during the process, so I added a little glue to the bottom of the stem and the back of the head of the flower to secure it. The flowers that were not broken didn’t move at all once I placed them, but the broken one wouldn’t stay still without some assistance. 

This is a piece of art in progress. The girls and I have already made plans to press more flowers this Summer so we can create a full field of wildflowers similar to the one we see when we look out our back window.

The girls loved everything about this project. From picking the flowers, to pressing them, to turning them into a piece of art. They are so excited for the snow to melt for good and for all the wildflowers to start popping up again.

Their excitement is contagious because I’m already envisioning the new memories we are going to make.

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Suggested materials:

  • Pressed Flowers
  • Picture Frame

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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Feb 25, 2021

    I love the backstory on where the flowers came from and what they remind you of when looking at them!

  • Mom49459087 Mom49459087 on Feb 25, 2021

    Yes! This is so beautiful! Particularly with the memory of picking them with your girls! I have a million old photos, and have been thinking of creating some distinctive art using the photos, old picture frames, and real objects such as flowers, leaves, feathers, etc! Wish me luck!! 😁