Roller Blind Chalkboard

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2 Hours
Now that the holidays have come and gone, and the weather is kind of crazy I find myself kind of lost and looking for projects to do. One of my main ones has been tackling the junk as my hubby puts it, in the basement. He's talking about my stuff of course that I'm always saving because I know one day I will have a use for it. Like this roller blind I came across.
Take a roller blind and some Chalkboard paint. Any size blind will work. I have a few of these lying around that I kept for some reason.
Next lie it on a flat surface and pulled out as far as it will go, or however much you want to paint of it. Make sure to put something underneath if you are painting on a floor.I used a 4 inch paint brush to apply the paint and did two coats. I had to apply the paint in two different directions to get it to cover properly.
While you are waiting for the paint to dry hang your brackets for your blinds. I hung mine from our low ceiling in our rec room as this is for my son and his friends to use.
So here it is finished. Ready for I'm sure will be many hours of use.
The nice part is when they are done playing it can be rolled back up and out of sight! Something like this can be made from any size blind and be used in a child's bedroom, playroom or even a kitchen.
Suggested materials:
  • Roller blind
  • Chalkboard paint
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