Stylish Entryway Ideas Using Wall Stencils

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Ready to transform your foyer? Stenciling an entryway is not only a sophisticated way to welcome your guests but also an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your own design style. There are many surfaces that can be your potential canvas - walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and even mirrors - and each can be enhanced with your favorite Royal Design Studio stencil pattern. Pick the pattern that works with your decor and stencil on! Here are a few inspiring ideas from our creative customers.
Blogger Sincerely Sara D recently stenciled a friend's foyer with the Marrakech Medallion Stencil. She wanted to brighten the area up and make an inviting entry with an allover wallpaper effect that didn't have the commitment of wallpaper. Stencil Success!
Pretty patterns are also fabulous for furniture and can be an unexpected way to enliven an entry. The sweetly elegant design on the drawers is the Small Ribbon Damask Stencil. FYI - the damask stencil pattern was also recommended by Martha Stewart.
Decorative Painter Kari Caldwell used the Arabesque Border Stencil to enhance a foyer's beautiful architectural feature, the archway entries leading into the other rooms.
The Triangulations Wall Stencil makes for a happy Hello! It's a great pattern for both a bold and bright color scheme and also one that could be made subtle with a tone-on-tone finish.
You can create an 'antique' stenciled Turkish mirror that can rest beautifully on your foyer table and serve as a conversation starter! If you'd like the how-to details using two stencil patterns, Royal Stencil Cremes and Stencil Brushes, click in to see our Stenciled Antique Mirror Tutorial.
Enhance your curb appeal with a bold first impression. Decorative finishers Bella Tucker loved the Endless Moorish Circles Moroccan Stencil and had it custom enlarged for the large graphic appeal they were going for on their stenciled porch floor entry.
Decorative artist and Stencil Star Gracie Reed also stenciled an incredible patterned porch floor. She used the Modello(R) Masking Stencils for her elegant geometric stenciled entry.
Stenciled ceilings can also enhance an entry! Decorative artist Tom Henman used a custom sized Modello(R) Designs vinyl stencil to a chandelier by stenciling a ceiling medallion at its base. So lovely!
Classic patterns and colors always make such a striking combination. Stencil Star Rachael Goddard used the Large Moorish Trellis Stencil on all the entry walls. So chic with a cool black, white and silver design scheme!

Your entryway and foyer makes the first impression of your home - why not make a great one? With allover stencil patterns, motif stencils, ceiling stencils, furniture stencils and more to choose from, you can truly enhance and customize an entrance that welcomes your guests with gorgeous stencil style.
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