How do I make an ugly stained carpet look nice?


My new apt had ugly gross stained carpet and I can't afford to clean or replace. What can I do to make it better

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  • on Feb 23, 2019

    You can rent carpet cleaner machines from many grocery stores or home improvement stores. A deep clean will likely help a lot!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 23, 2019

    It is convenient and easy to rent a carpet shampooer from most grocery stores, they carry the shampoo supplies too.

    If not all the areas come clean or are badly stained you could cover them with furniture or area rugs.

  • Nanette Doerr Nanette Doerr on Feb 23, 2019

    I am a firm believer in vinegar or baking soda....if there is mold of any kind, mix one large bottle of vinegar and a regular bottle of peroxide. I have heard this is what the home remodelers used after the hurricaines to kill the mold. So this is just a cheap way of killing the mold, using lots of ventilation. It works, I would spray rinse with fabreeze to knock out offending smell. Also, pull up the carpet first and vacume or sweep up all the sand or dirt on base wood floor.

    This will make huge difference after you get the rug steam cleaned from the grocery store. It will even smell better. Use lots of ventilation and or turn the AC on cold with some fans blowing.

  • Why would you rent an apartment where they would give a tenant a filthy apartment? If they won't clean the carpets, what else are they not doing? Rent is expensive and you deserve better!

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    • Ok, you need to rebuild your life, I get it. Just know your your self worth and don't let your past define you as a human being. Everyone has something to offer. Glad you were able to extricate yourself from a bad situation. I won't sugar coat it, there will be good days and some not so good days. Every day is a new opportunity. Get whatever free therapy you can, you need to build yourself a positive support group. Choose your friends carefully. And as far as shopping goes, start at the dollar stores and work your way up. Hunt for bargains. Second hand stores are a treasure trove of wonderful deals. I would rather have well made old things than brand new items produced cheaply overseas that most is junk. Seek them out and make the rounds so when you need or want something, you know where to go. You can always pick up an area rug to hide the less than perfect carpet. I agree with Nanette, vinegar and baking soda can fix almost anything. And cheap! You can buy at a dollar store! We are here for you with any question you may have! 🤗

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Feb 23, 2019

    I'm with Naomie, make the landlord deal with it!

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Feb 23, 2019

    Rent a carpet cleaner. Even cheaper. I love Spot Shot carpet cleaner for stains. The stain one in the aerosol can.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Feb 23, 2019

    Tell landlord you are renting carpet cleaner and deducting everything from rent unless he will have it professionally done. You should have made them clean first before you signed lease were the stains documented in checklist so the lanlord doesn't say you did it and keep your deposit or chrg you for repairs &/or new carpet replacement. if your having trouble with landlord you can go to local tenant/landlord housing dept. at county, city,courthouse/bldg and put your rent in escrow acct. until they step up and fix it then they can collect all the rent that has compiled over time it takes them to correct problems. stand up for yourself just do it with some tact,don't fight with them don't want them as enemy if you have to live there especially if you just moved in & signed lease for a year or so.

  • Ellis Ellis on Feb 24, 2019

    If your landlord won't do anything, and lots of them just won't, see if you can rent a carpet cleaning machine. Lots of local stores rent them. My friend used one they rented on a filthy carpet, and the results were quite good. It's an expense, but it will make you feel better about your surroundings.

    Good luck in your new home and life.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 12, 2021

    Hi there,

    Use Marker Pens (Sharpies) to outline the stains and then do a doodle over the stains and then colour them in. Or make flower shapes and colour those in.