A Super Simple DIY Desk

We're not talking rocket science here! LOL! This has been done before but I wanted to show how 3 simple elements can equal a pretty & functional desk for around $50!
You'll need some very basic items.
a. The size of the cabinet will determine how large your top will need to be. Our filing cabinet measured 25" deep (front to back). So our top will need to also be 25" deep. The height is 29".
b. Clean, prime and paint if the color isn't what you want. Allow to completely dry.
a. The table needs to be the same height as the filing cabinet. The vintage table we used was too low. We added dowels fitted into the legs to raise it to the necessary height.
b. Clean, prime and paint the chosen color. Allow to completely dry.
NOTE: You can also use another filing cabinet for Leg #2. In our case, the arrangement of our furniture didn't allow for that, so we used the table.

a. We used a medium grade 1/2" plywood cut to our dimensions. The width will be the same as the depth of your filing cabinet. Your length dimension will be governed by your available space in your room and/or the size you'd like. Ours measures 25" wide x 81" long.
b. Lightly sand the wood with fine/medium grade sandpaper.
c. Prime 2 coats with latex primer. Wipe off with an old sock between coats to remove little 'bumps, bubbles, dust' before painting.
d. Paint 2 coats your desired color with latex paint . Allow to completely dry.
4. ASSEMBLE: When all parts are dry....
a. Position the 'legs' on the floor at what will be the length of your desk top. (Measure from outside 'leg' to outside 'leg'. Your desk top should fit squarely over the top of the legs.)
b. Using hook and loop fasteners (Velcro) place on the underside of the desk top and top of 'legs' to hold it in place. Measure to make sure you're placing the Velcro in the correct spot.
c. Lay the desk top on the 'legs'. Press down to 'connect' the Velcro.
5. HIDE IT! ;-) I used a tension rod and little curtain to hide all the cords/wires under the desk top.
Enjoy your new desk!
* If your filing cabinet(s) are 24" deep or less, you may be able to purchase a 2' x 8' wide piece of plywood. Also if you don't need as long of a desk, you may be able to purchase a 2' x 4' wide piece, saving you money.
"Leg" #1 -- A two drawer filing cabinet (That's a little footstool on the floor...just for comfort.)
"Leg" #2 -- A small table with undershelf for 'extras'
The Top. The writing and/or computer surface made from 1/2" plywood (The bright green is a 'pool tube' holding the cords together. We're going to figure out a different system.. that just looks too funky.)
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  • Matty watts Matty watts on Feb 07, 2016
    Wish my husband would do his this way

    • CK CK on Feb 07, 2016
      @Matty watts Well, you can show him how easy it is to do with these pics :-) It's super simple and is really very efficient. :-)

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    Want to paint living will room drywall