Antique Dresser Brought Back 2 Life

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My daughters room needed a make over! She's 10 now and felt that her room was for a little girl. The desk was my favorite part of her new room!!
I started off by vacuuming and wiping off the desk with a wet rag. Making sure that it was dry before moving on.
When I took my pictures I didn't have the idea that I'd be posting the pics. Sorry! I had been wanting to try chalk paint ( furniture chalk paint). So this was the time. I went with a light blue for the first coat of chalk paint. Not worrying about the original stain showing in spots. Then I put two light layers of white paint next.
I wanted to keep and reuse the original hardware. So I removed it and painted all drawers as I did the desk. After applying each layer of paint it only took 25 minutes or so to dry. Once it had dried for 24 hours, I went back and distressed it!
I used sandpaper blocks, sheets of sandpaper, a nail and screw. It was a lot of fun. I wanted the original stain to show through along with the blue. Trying not to make it symmetrical or look the same all over. I put one coat of wax. Just a clear wax. I let it dry for several hours then wiped over it with a cloth. I didn't want to buff it out and make it shine too much.
I then added the handles back on and it was done!
It was so much fun. I like the way it turned out and best of all my daughter is in love with it! I loved not having to sand or really prep the wood. By far the best painting experience I've had.
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint, paint brushes, wax finish   (Local paint store)
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