Building a New Desk

A friend and client wanted a new desk for her new home. She wanted it like a writing desk and about 6' long. She had a picture for color that was her inspiration piece. That is about all the instruction I got on it. After searching everywhere for the perfect piece, I gave up when I found these legs and built my own.
This was her inspiration piece for color only she didn't want it as distressed as this.
These are some random legs I found while out one day at a thrift store. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would be the legs for the desk! This is after I took them home and painted them.
This is right after I stained the desktop.
Checking for spacing and overall look. Yes, I'm in the guest room, it's hot out there!
This is the final desk delivered! I forgot to take a picture of adding the rope trim to the edge of the desk top before delivery, so glad I got one here. It really finished the piece.
She says it's her favorite piece I've made for her so far and she already has another project in mind!
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  • Michelle Hamill Michelle Hamill on Sep 07, 2014
    So again I'll say, this is what the client wanted. It's traditionally called a writing desk, you can google some images if you want or continue to call it a table if you don't feel like it. Doesn't really bother me one way or another because again, this is what the client wanted. She sent me other pictures of writing desks for inspiration and they look very similar to this. I specifically asked her if she wanted drawers, she said NO. She is also aware there are options for hiding cords once she gets things in her new house set up like she wants them but having her computer off the floor was most important for now. If you notice in the pictures, there are pictures in the floor next to the desk because she is just moving in to her new house and has nothing set up. We all post here to find inspiration. What you like and want won't be the same as someone else. Wouldn't it have been horrible for me to make her something suited to your taste or my taste instead of her taste? I'd imagine she wouldn't be my client much longer if I did.

  • Michelle Hamill Michelle Hamill on Sep 07, 2014
    For others that are asking, my colors are Valspar. The "blue" is 5002-8b Aqua Dance. I mixed 2 cups of aqua dance, 3 Tbs water and 5 Tbs plaster paris to paint with so my gloss would have something more to stick to. I then used Brown Translucent Glaze over the blue to tone it down a bit. I don't follow exact instructions for any techniques I use, I just let the artsy fartsy side of me take over and it knows what to do. :)