Champagne Shimmer Makeup Vanity

3 Materials
7 Days
This is my idea of a simple Vanity Makeover using only 2 colors.
I was already prepping
I seem to have a problem remembering to take an actual BEFORE photo- but here's a shot of the prep stage. All hardware has been removed, it's been sanded, cleaned and some areas are already primed.
A closeup
You can see that even with super duper primer from Zinnzer, she was still going to bleed. I initially wanted this to be a white piece, so I primed- went indoors and found out that tannins had overpowered the white primer. I knew from experience that she would always be a bleeder- so I switched gears and chose to work with darker colors. If I paint a piece in its entirety and get bleed-through, I become psychotic. Avoiding psychosis is another goal.
My "Go-To" black paint
I chose Black Bean from Heirloom Traditions as my primary color.
Plug up those holes
I was going to change the hardware to single knobs, so I plugged up the holes with wood putty. Minwax makes a black one, but you still need a coat of paint after sanding it down.
The striping
Using painters tape I carefully taped my sides so I could stripe them. This ones pretty thin tape. You'll see in the next photo thatcafter all the tape is down, I put more Black over it. This way, if the color seeps under the tape, its black on black.
No need to be tidy
After my black went over the tape, I used a neutral based color at the stripes. I wish I could tell you what color it is, but it's basically called: "mix all your half used, almost empty beiges, whites and neutral colors and see what you get"
...,after my mixed up neutral, I used a champagne Shimmer Metallic over that creamy color. It helps the metallics pop and look more opaque when you lay down a base coat.
My metallic Shimmer
This is Heirloom Traditions Guilding Patina in Champagne Shimmer.
The details
I kept this piece down to 2 simple colors- black and champagne. For me- this is very low key since I tend to live by the " go bold or go home" rule. Look at some of my other pieces and you'll see what I mean!
Pop up drawer
The drawer in pieces!
Not my best staging
Since the mirror is made to hang on the wall- we had to hold it up for staging. It's also full of pollen- which I failed to wipe off!!
More shots
I almost forgot!
This is Black Staining Gel aka Heirloom Traditions ASG in Black magic. It seals your black as your final top coat and you never have to worry about streaky, milky black finishes. any jet black stain will give you this look
A little closeup
And done!! Sorry about the poor staging and pollen. lol it's New York in June! There you go- 2 colors only!! thanks for reading through and for following Tamara Lee Designs. You can find more details on Facebook. I'm also on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I hope to see you there💕
Suggested materials:
  • Aurora Staining Gel- Heirloom Traditions
  • Black Bean Paint- Heirloom Traditions
  • Champagne Shimmer Guilding Patina-Heirloom Traditions
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  • Pewick Pewick on Jun 18, 2017
    where can I find this staining gel?

  • Kathi Kathi on Sep 26, 2017
    You use the staining gel all over the black before adding the champagne... Correct? (Sorry if that seems like a dumb question lol)

  • Linda Welch Eversole Linda Welch Eversole on Oct 29, 2017
    Am I understanding correctly that you paint the entire piece black, then apply the Staining Gel, then do the Champagne striping and accents? Do you seal the Champagne striping and accents with any product?

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  • Jessie Jessie on Dec 11, 2017
    Beautiful job !

  • Corrina Mataalii Corrina Mataalii on May 11, 2019

    Great work! It is a beautiful piece. My daughter and I are currently working on a dresser and I was curious if you used anything to help with the decorative parts as far as painting them with the champagne shimmer.