Easy Faux Granite With No Sponge Painting

Cynthia E
by Cynthia E
30 Minutes
I found a very easy tutorial for faux granite painting with NO sponging! This is just a sample I worked up in less than 30 minutes. I just wanted to see how easy and well it turned out. Love it and so easy that I may try this on a tabletop in the next few days. The secret ingredient is Zinsser wallpaper remover and a spray bottle.
Sample 1: First base paint with 2 coats of your lightest color - I used off white. When base coats are dry mix a black glaze -( I used black craft paint with water 30% paint 70% water)and roll all over, while glaze is wet spritz with the Zinsser randomly all over get 30-40% coverage. when dry take a wet Warm (hot water) cotton rag and wipe this will remove the zinsser showing color below. Then lightly buff with a scotch pad. Repeat with the black glaze and zinsser 3-4 more times. When finished seal with a gloss shellac or polyurethane 3-4 coats. I'm going to try either the EnviroTex lite pour on high gloss Finish or Rustoleum Diamond Polyurethane (or both on sample boards and see which I like best )---( NOTE: I did not shellac my sample board) and on last pass with the glaze I sprinkled w/ fine black glitter before using Zinsser. Think I will leave out the glitter when working on tabletop and use a pearlescent paint glaze instead wiil post pics using it instead- Sample 2-- This time I left out glitter and mixed pearlescent glaze in with both the off white and black. * Decided to put some gloss poly (1 thin coat) on part of sample it really brings out details and looks much more like granite.
- Be sure and go to this link watch the video on how to do it. http://creativepaintingtechniques.org/how-to-paint-faux-granite/
I just used 2 colors . But could use as many colors as you wanted. Going from light to dark or reverse depending on end result you want-- Note: I would look a a picture of the type granite you want to end up with to figure out color order. Most of my time was spent waiting on paint to dry :)
Sample 1 pic 1 -- As you can tell I took photos before paint was completely dry... (need to get dinner started :) )
Sample 1 pic 2 - Will look much better after gloss finish applied.
actual piece of granite looked at online
Sample 2 pic 1
Sample 2 pic 2
Sample 2 pic 3
This is a photo of partial design with poly-bottom 1/4 is without poly , top has poly. You can see if brings out depth and details of the patterning.
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  • Sanya Sanya on Nov 28, 2015
    Love it! Just one question, was the base coat a latex or acrylic or does it matter?
  • Brigitte Bailey-pasinski Brigitte Bailey-pasinski on Jan 10, 2016
    Could you please send me the way to do this as I am on a limited budget thank you for your time Brigitte Bailey-Pasinski
  • Kelly P Kelly P on Jun 07, 2016
    @Cynthia E How long did you have to wait before you wiped? I've tried several times and either wiped too early (glaze not dry) or too late zinnser spots dry. The glaze seems to take forever to dry. I used about 25% black acrylic paint and 75% glaze (Sherwin Williams faux impressions clear latex glaze). It actually looks better if I don't wipe at all. Thanks so much for any tips you may have. UPDATE: I tried another product to mix with paint (Rustoleum Painter's touch clear gloss latex) dries much faster but now my problem is when I wipe off very lightly, it is picking up some of the dried paint and/or leaving drag marks. Ive tried to access Vaughn Baker site at creativepaintingtechniques.org and its either down or no longer available. Any info that you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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