Spray Painting a Faux-Suede Lampshade

Hannah V
by Hannah V
My other personal way of referencing this project is "the lamp that wouldn't die." Let me give you a little backstory to this project. When I moved from Ohio to NYC I had a mattress, suitcase, two cats and a lamp.
The lamp was the remnants of my Mom's short lived *jungle theme everything* phase. Low and behold it would make its zebra-tastic way to Brooklyn with me and zebra-fy my nightstand for over a year.
I'm actually really loving how this came out, but trust me it was no easy feat getting to this point!
Here she is in all her glory. Chocolate velvet zebra. Now I must say, there's nothing wrong with loving you some zebra, but compared to the rest of my room this poor gal stuck out like a sore thumb.
I started out with the idea of making the shade all white. I went out and bought some white canvas and this spray adhesive.
I cut the canvas so I could do two layers of it wrapped around my lampshade.
After spraying the adhesive all over the shade (and myself- I'm pretty sure I was temporarily stuck to a subway pole on my way home.)
After realizing the zebra STILL showed through *(Que Austin Powers: "Why won't you die?!" scene)* I developed a a new plan. Let's spray paint the shade with copper metallic spray paint and see what happens!
I gave the black base a fresh white look with Krylon white spray paint. I did three layers to get in all the ridges.
I then sprayed the shade with a plethora of layers of copper metallic spray paint. I honestly had NO idea how this would turn out.

Ends up: Zebra print + White canvas + Tons of copper metallic spray paint = Faux suede! Who knew?!
I let it dry and air all the paint smells out in my backyard/jungle. It turned out pretty cool! I envision it one day in my house with a big living room, hardwood floors and a giant cowhide rug. (Let a girl dream!)
"Why would you want to take a picture of the lamp on your nightstand when you can take a picture of ME?!" -Cosmo

Final perks of the project- no more chocolate velvet zebra AND two cats with no spray paint on them!

Hope you enjoyed my makeover! :)
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