An Old TV Cabinet Re-Purposed

Melisa Gingrich
by Melisa Gingrich
What to do with those old TV cabinets?
This is a similar cabinet to the one I started with. Once we got the flat screen we no longer needed it and my husband wanted to give it to charity. I told him that rather than giving it away, I wanted to re-purpose it and save money on a cabinet that we needed for our components.
So this is what it looked like after I removed the trim at the top and cut down the walls and put the trim back on.
So I used painter's tape in a crisscross pattern after I sanded the doors and added three coats of gel stain.
I did the same with the cabinet. I only sanded, didn't take off the old stain and used gel stain (only 1 coat) to finish it up. I love how it turned out!
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