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Update any room with a new TV stand! Check out these 17 awesome DIY TV stands and get inspired to create your own.

1. Decorative TV Stand From Old Dresser

Transform an old dresser with this brilliant DIY makeover to create a beautiful TV stand with plenty of space to store your DVD player and other electronics. This project will be easy to complete if you’ve worked with wood furniture before. All you’ll need is an old dresser, woodworking tools, and a few other simple supplies you can find at any hardware store. It’s amazing to see what a little bit of stain, polish, and artistic touches add up to with the finished result. More about this project can be read at .

2. New Life To An Old Stand

Add some wow-factor to a boring or otherwise plain TV stand with this affordable DIY project. Mirrored doors and an Art Deco-inspired extra touch are used for the ultimate glamorous effect. And, after following a few simple steps, you can have a finished project in just a couple of days. You’ll starting with a basic TV stand unit, and then add doors, mirrors, and a few other supplies you can buy from the hardware store. You’ll be amazed by the dazzling results. A video tutorial will guide you through all the steps at

3. Hurricane Harvey TV Stand Project

A cute TV stand can be made from an old set of drawers and fence posts, and a little bit of DIY power thrown in. This makeover project first requires stripping off some old latex paint with multiple treatments of paint stripper and scraping. Persistence can pay off for any DIYer, though, and the rest of this transformation only requires a few additional steps and supplies for sanding and painting. Interesting fence post details provide the backing and shelves for this TV stand, with a clever solution for allowing for the cords from electronics to pass through the TV stand’s back.

4. Farmhouse Style TV Stand

If your current TV stand has a few dings and scratches, you can try this easy and inexpensive, farmhouse-inspired makeover project. It’s the perfect DIY project for newbies and pros alike, as this new look for your old TV stand is achieved with one simple item from your nearest dollar store! All it takes is a little muscle power and patience for the fabulous final result. This project uses an old bookcase that’s been given a completely new look. For all the details, watch the video tutorial at

5. Outdated Dresser Turned TV Stand

It’s possible to make something old new again with an easy DIY transformation. This project creates a beautiful TV stand out of an old dresser, leaving plenty of storage for electronics and DVDs. A wide dresser is perfect to use, as it can provide a sturdy base for even the largest of flat screen TVs. All you’ll need to complete this project is a trip to the hardware store for some primer, paint, updated handles, and few other simple items. Decorative baskets for storage replace the drawers, giving it an updated look.   

6. Simple TV Stand From Wood Planks

If you’re looking for an easy woodworking project, this DIY TV Stand built from scratch is one to try. With just a few days to build it, you can make a useful and sturdy TV stand out of simple pieces of wood, customized to match your home’s style of décor. This project started with leftover pieces of pine wood: 2x4s, 1x4s, and 1x2s. And, to complete the project, you’ll only need a few additional pieces of wood, brackets, and a couple other supplies from the hardware store. Finish it off with the paint or stain of your choice.    

7. Easel Inspired TV Stand

If you’re looking for a unique TV stand, you’ll like this creative shelf that’s made to look like an artist’s easel. Plus, this project is perfect if you want a movable base for your TV stand, as it includes castors on the bottom. This build accommodates a limited budget and limited amount of time. All you’ll need to complete the project are a few standard woodworking tools and wood from the lumber store. You’ll create a beautiful easel-shaped stand with a TV shelf and wood pins that allow for raising and lowering the TV height. 

8. Wooden Crate TV Stand

A stylish TV stand can be created from wooden crates, making it the perfect size to fit even the smallest of spaces. This project is perfect for a dorm room, bedroom, or other spot with limited square footage. All you’ll need are crates, pin legs, and a few other simple supplies from the hardware store. In a few easy steps, you’ll have a modern TV stand that you’ll love. Its sturdy top holds a TV, with extra room below to store books, DVDs and decorative objects. The full video tutorial can be viewed at

9. Little Desktop TV Stand

Making a small, decorative TV stand can be a super simple way to store a DVD player (or cable box) directly below your TV. This easy DIY trick will raise your TV just enough to stack it right on top of your DVD player. And, a pretty design is added to the sides for the perfect finishing touch. All you’ll need are a few simple supplies, including wood and paint. This project is very easy to put together, and the added floral design is fun to complete in just a few steps.  

10. Modern Media Center

A sleek and modern media center, with a built-in look, can be created with some online design assistance. Help from a virtual planner and a quick trip to IKEA make this DIY project very easy to complete for those of all design skill levels. Just add in a few finishing touches of your choice, and the final result is beautiful media center you’ll love. It’s wide enough to hold the largest of TVs, and has plenty of storage space to hold all your entertainment equipment. The complete post can be read at

11. China Hutch To TV Stand

Create a striking, farmhouse-chic TV stand from an old china hutch with this crafty DIY flip. The base of the hutch needs just a bit of repair before receiving its makeover. With the help of new legs, scrap wood, a bold turquoise shade of paint, and a few other hardware supplies, this beautiful transformation takes shape. The project is completed with a few new coats of turquoise paint, and some extra finishing touches that give it a distressed look. The final result is a true-blue beauty that will stand out in any home.

12. Unique Pallet TV Stand

A TV stand made out of stacked pallets provides tons of storage with this Pinterest-inspired DIY project. And, the supplies are super easy to find at any hardware store. You’ll start with pallets, stain, wooden legs, and a few other supplies and tools. For the assembly, you’ll need to do a lot of sanding, a bit staining, and then stack it all together. Call up a friend (or two), as you’ll want a few extra hands to help. The finished look is well worth the effort involved, and shows that design inspiration can result in a fun project to make.    

13. TV Stand Redo

You can easily transform your basic TV stand with a custom redo using paint and a poster. You’ll also need sand paper and a few other supplies to begin the transformation. A neat DIY painting technique is used to create a real-wood look, and then a picture of horses is glued and sealed inside, against the back and sides. This makeover is easy for even a DIY beginner to accomplish. And, it can be done with any picture or poster of your choice. The full post with details is at .

14. Upcycled Dresser to TV Stand For Under $10

An old dresser that’s seen better days can make a great TV stand – even if the dresser starts out a bit too tall. This DIY project takes some length off the set of drawers, and revamps what’s left into a simple, but chic, TV stand. You’ll just need a few woodworking tools and other basic supplies available at any hardware. A new coat of paint and some simple drawer pulls add a fine finishing touch. But, you’ll have a great base to add extra design details that match your preferred décor, if you chose.

15. Vintage Hutch To TV Stand

Giant vintage hutches are amazing pieces to look at, but many people find they are too big to fit in their homes. But, using one hutch as two separate pieces can be a great DIY solution! This project gives the hutch new life by creating a bookshelf with the upper cabinet part, and a TV stand with the bottom part. And, French-inspired design details are added to create a dramatic, upcycled finish. All you’ll need are a few supplies that can be purchased at hardware and craft stores. The full post can be read at .    

16. Trash To Treasure TV Stand

Items left as trash on the side of the road can result in amazing DIY treasures. This project takes an old dresser that was left out by the road, and repurposes it for use as a TV stand that people could mistake for brand new. A good cleaning and sanding starts the project off. All that’s needed to finish it up are a few repairs and some new paint, using a few simple supplies that you might already have on hand. You’ll be amazed at the transformation! For the full post, check it out here: .

17. Inexpensive Bookshelf TV Stand Combo

Why pay big bucks for a matching 4-piece entertainment center when you can make one yourself? This DIY takes a small, basic TV stand and builds extra pieces around it for an inexpensive entertainment center that has a high-end look. All you’ll need to start with are a few pieces of wood and two cheap bookcases to create your entertainment set. To complete the project, gather up a few simple woodworking supplies and paint. After a few steps to assemble the pieces together, you’ll have the finished result. And, no one would ever guess you created it all by yourself!

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