Colorful Front Porch Redo for Free!

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Hellooo Hometalkers!
How is everyone doin' , I'm doin' great now that I have redone my porch!!
I mean to tell ya I have been in need of color, energizing, make you smile color!
The inside of my house is 50 shades of brown , you know all that neutral color.
My kitchen is black, white, gray and steel with two specks of color, a red coffee maker and a beautiful iridescent bowl I just love. Then the living area is brown/beige couch with a spicy brown mustard colored recliner, all wood tables and bookcases, even the curtains are chocolate colored ( some other earth tones are there but not much). Then onto our bedroom which is black, gray, blue and silver ( the most color in the house). My house is so dull and boring ! My better half freaked out on me when I told him I was going to paint accent walls around the house and add some other colors to rooms (he hates change, I embrace it) and nothing was done . That was a couple of years ago and I still want some color! Well this year I decided I was getting some color, somewhere, somehow and the porch sure needed that and more but I would be working with "0" money ! This is what I did...
I started with 3 wood pallets. One of them was in such bad shape I just cut off the good pieces and saved them. The other two (above) had some broken pieces too but nowhere near as bad and I would need to cut some of it off anyway to make shelves.
The pallets were free so I wasn't going to turn down free wood ! The top pieces are from an old bed frame, along with a piece of solid wood to fit as a counter top. Those pieces are for my wood pile.
This will be the front.
This is the back with shelves. I also cut off the wood overlap for a cleaner look.
I used the overlap cutoff pieces for bracing the shelves. I drilled holes first so as not to split the wood before screwing in the braces.
The front with the shelves in place. I also used some of the cutoff pieces for holding both pallets together. Now painting, my fav part of any project I do!
All painted. I might do a little bit of tweaking late on . See that ugly, not even white anymore, chair... that will get fixed too!
I still need more color and something on the walls too! I have several frames of sorts and they are very easy to paint.
So far I have not spent any money. The small jars of paint were giving to me ( I think about 30 sample jars) and the spray paint was leftovers from other projects.
I used a purple, pink and red colors and waxed with a candle between the different coats of paint.
I topped it off with a green color let it dry overnight then lightly sanded it so the other colors would come through just a bit.
I did the same with this one but used two blues and a green. Matte finish on both
I also had some terra cotta candle holders I made years ago. All I did was paint and add some dots.
Here's another one with a lavender plant. More color!
I added another window frame in yellow, painted a wood side table and that ugly "not even white anymore" chair! I made two cushions out of some old placemats I had, they have tropical foliage on them ( green and blue colors).

I did all of this in about 4 days.Nothing was hard to do or make, I probably could have done it in three days but I was being lazy!  
This is the other side of the porch with my red, white and blue americana things I've made. I could not get a good picture of my whole porch so I kind of halfed it up!
I'm still tweaking some stuff, like another candle holder ( you can see it on the end of my lounger) white with different colored polka dots, a few plant pots need some color, I have some lights I will be hanging up ( I'm making those out of string lights in different colors, glass jars and copper wire) and an old rug I will paint with some sort of design on it !!! I spent ZILCH on this fix up, just time and energy, WOOT WOOT  !!!! It looks like I will be having a colorful day everyday!
Thanks for looking and I hope I didn't blind anyone with all this color! Would love to hear what ya'll think! The good, the bad and the ugly and any suggestions on more color .
Oh yeah what about yellow/gold netting for privacy curtains? I have a lot of it. out people!

I posted the rest of the project under Colorful front porch redo for free continued!
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  • Marc Erick Marc Erick on Aug 27, 2018

    Oooooo... I absolutely love it! 😊 definitely need to do something like that to my porch! And now, with your inspiration, I will! 🖒💜

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Aug 27, 2018

      That sounds awesome!! I know you will come up with some great stuff and show us what you make! Thanks so much Marc

  • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Aug 28, 2018

    I love the Pallet Table the best ,....I will be on the lookout for some pallets now ....Thanks for posting did an Awesome Job !!!!

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Aug 28, 2018

      Thanks so much Maude! You might also like my newest one, it's "L" shaped! They're not hard to make, have fun DIYing!